Monday, May 4, 2015

Missions Box Monday: Food Pantry

Our church has a small food pantry. The kids have been involved in it for a long time. 

I remember the first time we went to donate to a food pantry. Ceesa was about 6. She had watched something on television about people in need. She was on fire and wanted to get food to donate right a way. A few days later, we dropped off the food at a local pantry. The man that took our food said, "You have a helper, I see." I replied, "No. I am her helper." 

Wondering how to get involved in your local food pantry? There are lots of ways your kids can help.

Here are some ideas...

  • Create posters or flyers to advertise the needs for the month
  • Hang posters or flyers in various locations 
  • Plant, grow and donate garden veggies
  • Put together dinner kits with recipe cards (you could get the ingredients for a favorite meal and pack them all in a box with what is needed)
  • Create encouraging cards, notes, and letters to get passed out with other materials provided at the pantry
  • Volunteer to help bag up food, label, shelve food, or another job that may be needed
  • Make large pots of soups and pack in freezer containers for ready made meals
  • Put together freezer meals (Lasagna, slow cooker style meals, and casseroles are wonderful freezer meals)
  • Make some baked goods
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