Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Year 8, Term 3 Exam: Homeschool Exams and Test for Eigth Grade

Year 8, Term 3 Exam

Literature, poetry, and additional reading: View point with creative expression
(handicraft, recycled material project, diorama, cooking, land art, or art media: collage, paint, mold, chalk, pencil)

Detail an event from The Betrothed using a creative expression idea. Try to capture how the characters are feeling as well as the event.

SS: Government, citizenship, history, geography: Background with oral expression
(presentation: Defend, Persuade, judge, compare/contrast, inform, narration)

Compose an informative speech on any of these things: a day at sea on the Kon Tiki, Easter Island, a Polynesian Island, plague, or the Great Fire of 1666. Be sure to describe what it meant to live then or there, how people dressed, what a day in their lives look like, the homes or shelter people had, and the relationships people there or in that time had to their surroundings and one another.

SS: government, citizenship, history, geography; Science: experiments, nature study; Art: artist, technique: Characterization with written expression
(narration, proposal, biography, persuade, problem/solution, instructions, list, poetry, composition)

Choose from this list of people and give some account of them as a person and their lives: Leeuwenhook, Whistler, William III Prince of Orange, the "Lord Protector,” George Herbert, or John Milton. Consider answering these questions: What did he act? How did he react or act in certain situations or with other people? How did he influence the people around him? What of his character? What were his relationship with others like? How did his choices impact the people around him?

Science: experiments, nature study: Action (Drama, Movement, Change) with visual expression
(diagrams, blow-outs, maps, graphic organizers, chart, poster, pamphlet)

Create a detailed diagram or blow-out of how plants form fruit, the life cycle of a frog, freons, or the 2,6,10 rule. In your visual be sure to show the physical changes that take place naturally.

Bible & Service: readings, hymn: The Greater Meaning with movement
(play, puppet show, music, dance, video (still, animated, silent, movie)

Choose from one of these topics and create some form of movement expression: 1) Explain what pursuing pleasure means opposed to doing things for the glory of God. 2) Give an account of the greatest commandment and provide examples of the impact it should have on our lives. 3) Tell about the sheep and the goats and what conclusions you can draw from the story. 4) Describe the visit of the Queen of Sheba and the magnificence of Solomon. What can you draw from the relationship?

Music: composer, folk song, hymn, instrument; SS: government, citizenship, history, geography; Literature, poetry, and additional reading: Mood with analytical expression
(game, puzzle, crossword, word search, code)

Find a way to summarize, discuss, or explain any of the following topics and include the feeling that goes along with them: 1) one of Milton's poems, 2) "Moreover he (Martius) said 'they nourished against themselves the naughty seed and cockle of insolency and sedition." Give some account of this rebellion of the people. How did Martius behave? 3) the obligation of showing loyalty, or 4) a piece by Carl Ditters Von Dittersdorf.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Spring Stitch Fix May 2017 {Review}

So my Mother's Day present for this year is a Spring Stitch Fix box! (All Stitch Fix links use my referral code!) If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, you can read all about it at the bottom of this post! My requested stylist, Addie, was on vacation, so Kira worked on my fix for me. Looking at my spring wardrobe I decided I needed shirts to wear out for date night and some things to wear to church through the spring and summer. I wanted some things in navy, coral, mauve, and deep lavender.

The keeper for me this time is the navy lace knit top! The color, length, and lace overlay is great. I wore it just today with white skinnies and navy heels to a luncheon with Poppa for a ceremony on his completion of a community leadership program. It was a little chilly, so I threw a grayish jacket over it. It was perfect. With the short sleeves, I can wear it year round with layers.

The Dabit sheer blouse has a lovely design and the color is a wonderful lavender. There is a cute pattern to the crochet detail top, and the detail around the sleeves is super sweet. There is a soft feel to the Emmet blouse and I love, love, love the shape of the cardigan.

1. Pixley Dabit Sheer Detail Blouse~Purple $54.00

Decision: Return

2. Jella C Jasper Crochet Detail Top~Coral $44.00

Decision: Return

3. Alice Blue Emmet Crew Neck Blouse~Navy $32.00

Decision: Return

4. Le Lis Lavania Lace Knit Top~Navy $54.00

Decision: Kept

5. Market & Spruce Channy Open Cardigan~Light Pink $54.00

Decision: Return

Are you ready to schedule your first fix? Go to Stitch Fix and fill out your profile!

Here are more details about how it works...

In case you have never heard about Stitch Fix, it is a company that provides you with a personal stylist for a fee of $20 for every shipment called a fix. In each fix, you will be provided with 5 items. You try the items on in the privacy of your own home, with your entire closet right there. After 3 days, you drop the items that you want to return into the provided envelope (no shipping charges applied) and give the bag to your postal carrier or drop it off at your post office. Then you go online and checkout, listing what you are keeping and what you aren't. If you choose anything from the fix, your $20 styling fee is applied to the clothing. If you choose to keep all 5 items, you get 25% off your entire fix.

To start a Stitch Fix profile, You go to their website and make an account. This is free and you should totally do it even if you aren't ready to schedule a fix. It goes through your sizes, preferences, samples of clothing styles, color interests, price points, and lots more. There's even a box to add additional information. Another great thing to do is build a fashion board on pinterest. Pin things that you really love to your pinterest board. That gives your stylist a wonderful idea of what you are looking for and what you really like. If you see anything in a Stitch Fix review that you really like, pin those. Pin mine away, if there is something you like here too! You can click on the box below to see my board.

When you are ready, you schedule a fix. You can receive a fix every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, every three months, or as you want to schedule them. Once you schedule a fix, you make a note to your stylist. In your note, you let your stylist know what you are looking pieces for a special event or a hole in your wardrobe.

Want to catch up with my other Fixes?
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Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Summer Bucket List 2017

We have just 4 more weeks of school and then summer! Ah, summer. Sigh. This summer is a bit bitter sweet for me, but I think I'm ready for it. Our 7th annual summer bucket list seems like the perfect place to begin. :)

Any Time
Summer Reading Lists
Take time to smell flowers
Stop to watch every sunset
Cooking with Herbals
Read outside
Spend evenings on the deck
Passport to History: The Middle Ages
Revamp play house to hangout
Artist Study: Henry Ossawa Tanner
Play in the fort
Sewing Projects: Rosie's Doll Clothes

Scheduled Events
Last Day of School Celebration
Mail Order Mystery
Church Camp and Service Project
Camping Trip

Day Trip or Out and About Stops
Garden or park
Outdoor concert
Explore a creek or stream
Climb…rocks, trees, hills
Go to pond and feed the ducks
Historical places visits
Go spelunking
Go to waterfall
Go out for ice cream cones
Visit the observatory
Pick fruit
Go to arboretum
Go to the walking/biking trail
Take a strange road trip
Play Pooh Sticks

Travel Busy-ness
Make Travel Folder
Paper Butterflies
Yarn Bracelet
Sewing Trip on Map
Matching Pole: letters to letter stickers
Coloring Pages
Make landscapes out of scrapbook paper collage
Mustache man faces
Felt Picture
Sewing Cards
Mad Libs
Cereal Box Giraffe
Origami Jumping Frogs and Roses
Doodling Worksheet
Portable Lego Kit
Shark paper plate craft
Create a Scene Stickers
Bedroom in a Tin
Paper Dolls
Sticker Story book
Toilet Tube Animals
Popsicle Stick Puzzle
Color Black and White Photographs
Make and Solve Secret Codes

Rainy Day
String Bowl
Build Trebuchet Craft
Frosted Lemonade
Indoor Hopscotch, Twister, Bean bag games
Vibrot Battle-Bot
Game Day
Potato Experiment
Movie day
Paper Tricks
Scribbling Machines
Masks for Traveling Pictures of example
Make jewelry
Make Flubber
Crochet Necklace or Slippers
Play in the Rain
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Popsicles
Tinker Crate
Make a Tin Can Telephone
Felt Friends

Night Time Fun
Catch fireflies
Star gaze
Listen to crickets
Flashlight tag
Glow in the Dark Ring Toss
Moth Watch

What-to-do Jar
Land Art
Water guns
Water Balloons
Ice Towers
Play in Sprinkler
Blow Dandelions
Gaze at the Clouds
Side Walk Foam Paint
Sand Play
Water Table Play
Fly Kite
Sheet Art
Kid Wash
Outside Yard Games
Gather Wildflowers
Nature Scavenger Hunt

Here are our lists from 2011201220132014, 2015, and 2016 for more inspiration.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Artist Study: James Abbott McNeill Whistler

We are just about to wrap up an Artist study on James Abbott McNeill Whistler, an American born painter. We've been studying him 8 weeks.  

July 11. 1834-July 17, 1903

Looking over his work, I'm struck by his ability to capture one's soul in the eyes. When I flipped through the pages at his pieces, I found myself drawn to the eyes of his subjects. I could almost see right into them. Some of my favorite examples are The Little Rose and The Master Smith of Lyme Regis, Arthur Jerome Eddy, and Lady Meux in Pink and Gray. 

An Arrangement in Flesh Color and Brown (Arthur Jerome Eddy) 1894

Arrangement in Black No 5 Lady Meux 1881

Harmony in Pink and Grey Valerie, Lady Meux 1881

Symphony in White No. 1: The White Girl, 1862

The Little Rose of Lyme Regis, 1895

The Master Smith of Lyme Regis, 1895-1896

Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1 (Whistler's Mother), 1871

When I look closely at his water landscapes, I find that I can almost breath in the salt smell and hear the ocean and feel the cool breeze moving across the waters.

Blue and silver the blue wave, Biarritz 1862

Crepuscule in Flesh Color and Green Valparaiso 1866

The Last of Old Westminster, 1862
*Fun fact: Whistler painted this piece at an acquaintance's residence over the course of several weeks. He wore out his welcome. Dropping the wet painting onto the owners floor didn't help matters much either.

Nocturne in Blue and Gold: Valparaiso Bay, 1866

Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket, 1874
*Fun fact: Whistler was so offended over John Ruskin's critique of this piece that he took him to court. For future note, it is offensive to report that someone has been "flinging a pot of paint in the public's face." 

 Black Lion Wharf, 1859
*Word Search: Can you find the words Black Lion Wharf in the etching?

We used the picture study aid from A Humble Place to get some basic information about some of the pieces and Whistler's life. 
Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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