Monday, April 13, 2015

Missions Box Monday: Recovery Center

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This is our third week for Missions Box Monday. This week we are looking at sharing God's love with those in Recovery Centers.
We have made one delivery to a recovery center already. And we were very blessed to get to do it. There are lots of types of recovery centers and you may wish to contact one near you to find out what they need. The one we recently supported was a Christian organization for recovering drug addicts.
Most recovery centers need everyday things, like toiletry items, personal care items, and feminine care products.

In our state, the Christian facility has the highest success rate of other recovery centers. Of course, God moves mountains, so that should not be a surprise. We took lots of our favorite books and some bookmarks.

And of course Bibles!

Some recovery centers have once a month visitations. Kids come to visit their parents at these times. We thought it would be a great idea to send snacks, coloring books, little toys, and story Bibles for the men to share with their children.
Blogging is a blessing to our family, so we chose to bless those with a few of the things we've received blogging as well. We used several of our Appreciation Certificates to purchase extra things like the Crowder CD with the song Come as You Are, (which is wonderful by the way)! We donated our copy of The Case for Grace from our review, too.
We also took some time to write out encouraging messages in cards and pictures. Some of the folks in these center really have no one that cares for them. They've burned all of their bridges. Showing them that they are loved (not just by us), but by a loving father., is a blessing to us.

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