Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Suggestions from our series of Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning posts: Blog Hop Series

Welcome to our Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning Blog Hop Series. This week we'll be writing all about how we make learning "whole"-istic and joyful in our home.

Monday we discovered the definition for Joyful "Whole"-stic Learning. "Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning-willingly and eagerly formulating questions, creating experiments, and taking risks to aquire knowledge from the source without limitations placed on how, when or where." And Tuesday, we discussed how to plan for Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning. And Wednesday we looked at suggestions of Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning from another series of posts we did in the spring. 

Join us:
Monday...What is Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning?
Tuesday...How to plan for Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning
Wednesday...Suggestions from our series of Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning posts.
Thursday...An example of a recent Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning moment from our Joyful Moment Link.
Friday...Wrap-up: How do you keep records of what you have learned?

Today we're providing Suggestions from our series of Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning posts. 

In the real world subjects blend in with one another. We don't stop in the middle of making dinner to say, "Now I am doing Language Arts because I am reading the recipe. Next I will be mixing two substances to make a mixture and that is science. But first I need to do some math and double this recipe because we have guest coming over for dinner tonight." Oh my, how exhausting that would be. Yes I'm doing all of those things, but really I'm flowing from one to the other without a notion of the change and am doing a lot of them at the same time.

Now to give you some idea of how we make Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning in our home, I have put some suggestions to share with you into categories. But truly these should blend into one another and subject lines should become rather foggy.

Every Thursday we post a Joyful Moment from our week. Join us tomorrow for an example of a recent Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning moment.

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Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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