Thursday, August 8, 2013

Joyful Moments: Art Museum for the Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning Blog Hop Series

Welcome to our Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning Blog Hop Series. This week we'll be writing all about how we make learning "whole"-istic and joyful in our home. And today we are combining our series with our Joyful Moments link up.

Monday we discovered the definition for Joyful "Whole"-stic Learning. "Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning-willingly and eagerly formulating questions, creating experiments, and taking risks to aquire knowledge from the source without limitations placed on how, when or where." And Tuesday, we discussed how to plan for Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning. And Wednesday we looked at suggestions of Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning from another series of posts we did in the spring. 

Join us for Joyful Moments

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This week we've found joy here...

We'd love to see the Joyful Moments in your home.
Whether you homeschool or not, feel free to join in every Thursday!
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If you've missed any of our posts, join us:
Monday...What is Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning?
Tuesday...How to plan for Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning
Wednesday...Suggestions from our series of Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning posts.
Thursday...An example of a recent Joyful "Whole"-istic Learning moment from our Joyful Moment Link.

Friday will wrap up our blog hop series with: Wrap-up: How do you keep records of what you have learned?

See all of the other great blogs participating with their own  series posts here:
Summer Blog Hop

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


MrsYub said...

Your photo's are almost as good as being there! All the pretties!

Bethany said...

There was some very beautiful pieces. My favorite was a quilt of a horse.

I can't take credit for the great pictures. Ceesa took them all. You can probably guess which room was her favorite.

The dolls were all named. There were some from books and others from around the world, some from movies and others were in paintings. Both Ceesa and Jo-Jo got so excited when they recognized one.

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