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CursiveLogic {Review}

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First Thoughts
CursiveLogic sent us a copy of their CursiveLogic Workbook to review. The 96-page, full color, spiral workbook teaches the parent how to use the CursiveLogic method and provides practice pages for the child.

How Does it Work
CursiveLogic is different from most handwriting programs because the entire alphabet is grouped by four basic shapes based on the initial stroke, coded in one color with a catch phrase. All of the similar letters are in one lesson and are taught in letter strings versus individual letters. At the end of the lesson, real words are taught. Lessons can be spread out over several weeks or (for older students) four lessons. Each lesson is taught in a five-step process.

Each shape string has a color of it's own:
~orange ovals
~lime loops
~silver swings
~mauve mounds

The catch phrase is a simple, rhythmical chant that describes how the shape is formed.

After your child completes the four lessons, there are instructions for forming each capital letter and practice pages. The workbook contains three dry-erase pages that allow for the key exercises to be practiced as often as possible. There are also downloads available to continue practice, with Psalms, Gettysburg Address, and Declaration of Independence.


Our Experience
Although both girls could use some cursive practice, Jo-Jo worked in the CursiveLogic workbook. I gave her a mechanical pencil to use (although you could use colored pencils in the color provided for each string, if you would like). I would go over the initial page with her to talk about the string shape and the catch phrase. Then I would let her go on her own.

She learned each string in four sittings. It took her about 45 minutes to complete a lesson. Occasionally, I would need to remind her how to sit or position her workbook. The biggest trouble she had was getting the proper tilt in her letters. And honestly that is my biggest problem with writing cursive as well. My cursive usually runs straight up and down.

She says, "It really helped me learn how to do cursive because of the practice pages and the catch phrase. Once I memorized the catch phrase, I knew how to form the letters."

I like that the child never has to write over the coil. Additionally, I found the recommended hold, body position, and hand placement instructions very helpful in guiding Jo-Jo throughout the process.

I am pleased with how quickly she picked up cursive. I have found that with other programs it takes so long to learn all of the letters that several things happen. Bad habits in position develop. Previously learned letters are forgotten. And the child starts to dread the job of handwriting because there is no end in sight. The timeliness that is a natural conclusion of the method dissolves those hurtles to learning cursive.

We would love if CursiveLogic would make a video of Linda teaching the child. The child could watch the video independently without the parent~maybe with a few pauses for a parent check time to see how things are going with posture, pencil grip etc. And another video that teaches the parent how to teach the method almost page by page would be wonderful. Since we all learn differently, with different learning styles, having an instructional~train the teacher/parent~type of video would provide for those styles.


We recommend this to anyone that wants their child to learn cursive in a way that is meaningful and not time consuming.

Our plan is to have Ceesa complete a workbook of her own and then when the boys are ready to get them their own workbooks as well.

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