Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dynamic Literacy: WordBuildOnline {Review}

Dynamic Literacy sent us access to WordBuildOnline to review. WordBuildOnline is an internet based program that teaches morphology (the study of units of meaning; for example, roots, prefixes, and suffixes). There are four levels: Foundations Level 1 and 2 and Elements Level 1 and 2.

How Does it Work?

Prefixes and suffixes are taught in a weekly unit. To begin each unit, there is a video to introduce the affix. To follow the video, there are five daily activities. Lexi the dog is the roller skating mascot that leads your child from one activity to another. As an activity is complete, the skateboard at the bottom of their screen gets a paw print filled in.

From the four levels, you would choose the one that is the best fit for your child.
~Foundations Level 1 is for children reading at a 2nd-4th grade level and contains 25 units.
~Foundations Level 2 has 25 units and is the next step. 
~Elements Level 1 teaches 25 units of Latin and Greek roots and is recommended for students 6th grade or higher. There is an initial review of prefixes and suffixes.
~Elements Level 2 follows Level 1 and teaches 34 Latin and Greek roots.

Parents have their own login page and can access their children's progress report. The progress report gives parents the date the child worked, the affix taught, activity name, if it was completed, score, time used and allowed, rating (based on a 4 point scale), the child's assessment average, and the opportunity to review the lesson or reset the child's activity.

Parents can receive notification that a child has completed an activity through email. The email tells you what activity is completed and when your child completed it.

Additionally in the parent section, there is a video with more detail and academic context for the unit that is similar to what the child would have watched at the beginning of a unit.

Our Experience

Jo-Jo worked on this review in the Foundations Level 1. I would log her in and then let her work without my help. She spent any where from 3 to 11 minutes completing the activities. She worked on the affixes: un, in, out, ed, under, and over. The activities have time limits that are from 10-15 minutes.

After she worked through a few weeks worth of affixes, I checked in on her progress in my parent account. With a quick glance, I could see what activities she did the best at and which ones she didn't. And I could see which affixes gave her trouble. I like that I can click on reset for each individual activity, so if something was difficult, I can go over it with her and have her do it again.

Jo-Jo says, "WordBuildOnline is fun for kids because you are learning about words, but you get to do games at the same time. My favorite activity is the one where you look at the words and write out your own definition. I like to work on it everyday and do as many activities as I can."

Dynamic Literacy is offering our readers 10% off WordBuildOnline and 20% off the books by using our code lhblessings.

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