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Planning for Your Spa Party {Sponsored}

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This year we are planning a spa party for Ceesa's birthday. Do you want to plan one too? First let's talk decorations.


Spa's are elegant, so we are starting with paper pom-poms that hang from the ceiling. These are great for birthdays, showers, and even weddings.

You'll need a pom-pom kit, clear fishing line, a measuring stick, and clear tape.

When you purchase a pack, directions are included. However, we have some tips.

1) Start by measuring from the ceiling to the height you want them to hang. We chose to hang them at 2 lengths. Measure the amount of fishing line and double it. 
2) Open the tissue paper pieces, so that they are unfolded and lying flat. After you accordion fold them and twist on the wire, slip your fishing line through the wire and make a box knot with both ends. Make sure that you've slid the knot for your fishing line close to the wire so that your pom-pom will cover the knot
3) Lying the tissue paper on a work surface, fluff out the top half. The tissue paper is super easy to rip, so gently pull the pieces apart and work your way all the way down to the bottom.
4) Hang the pom-pom on a curtain rod or ceiling fan blade and fluff the other side.

We decided that if we were going to have paper pom-poms, we need some elegant paper flowers for the table as well.

We used the paper flower pack and clear tape.

In our flower pack, there were 3 types of flowers to make.

We placed our flowers into a glass jar and wrapped  cream colored tulle around that jar.

To hang your pom-poms, make an x shape with the tape on the end of fishing line you want taped to the ceiling and stagger them.

To set the table, we chose a pink linen table cloth.

Since we will be having a light lunch, we stacked china plates and cups to make a pretty display for the food. We will be bring the food to the table, but you can also opt to glue your cups and plates together and carry them wherever you wish!

We put the keepsakes (directions to come), on the table as well.

Spa Treatments
We've decided to have 3 spa treatments. We really try to use non-toxic, natural products. So we will be using homemade spa treatments.

Oatmeal Face Mask with Cucumber Eye Rest

1 c. oats
2 T. almonds
cucumbers, sliced thin

1) Grind the oats and almonds together in a food processor.
2) Put about 2 T. in your hand and add a small amount of water until thin enough to apply, but thick enough to stick.
3) Place 2 slices of cucumber over eyes.
4) When ready to remove, rinse off gently washing off with warm wet cloth.

Rose Water Foot Soak

Foot bath of warm water
1/4 c Epsom salts
Rose petals

1) In warm water, dissolve Epsom salts. Then add rose petals.
2) Place a towel beside the foot bath.
3) Soak feet.

Honey Sugar Hand Scrub

1 c. sugar
2 T. honey
1/3 c. coconut oil

1) Mix all ingredients.
2) Rub on hands for 2-3 minutes.
3) Rinse off with warm water.
4) Apply moisturizer.

On the menu, we decided on finger foods that the guests could eat in their robes and relaxing.

Warm Shredded Chicken on Croissants
Crinkle Cut Veggies
Fruit Salad
Wavy Chips
Italian Ices
Cake Pops (This cake pan makes cake pops a snap: Cake Pops Pan)

We add cheddar cheese, almonds, and crushed potato chips to our shredded chicken and serve it warm.

If you pour juice from a can of mandarin oranges over your fruit salad, it won't brown and it will taste so sweet.

We will place the food on the china plate tower and have small china plates on the table for the guests.

Take Homes
For an extra special gift for your guests, you can make your own soap.

This was a super simple project. To make 12 soaps, you'll need:

1lb Soapsations Coconut Soap Block
Silicone Daisy Mold
lavender essential oil
food coloring
a glass jar

The directions are easy. Simply shave off pieces of your soap block and add to the glass jar.

Microwave according to the directions and pour into molds for white soaps. If you'd like colored and/or scented soaps, after microwaving add your color (we added 3 squeezes of red and 3 of blue) and scent (we added 2 drops lavender essential oil). Our additions were for half of the block.

Remember the Details
It is the extra details that make a spa party special.

All spas have a place to sit and relax while you wait with reading material.

We decided that we wanted our guests to feel extra beautiful, so we made bookmarks for them to take home as well. Each bookmark has a scripture about true beauty.

Some great bookmark versus are:
Psalm 139:13-14
John 15:16
Jeremiah 31:3
Proverbs 4: 23
Psalm 13:16

Remember the invitations! Include a request for guests to bring their favorite robe and a book (they can take their bookmarks home in their books!

Each guest will need a water bottle, white wash cloth, and white towel for the ultimate spa feel. We decided to use a different foil designed paper, so that each guest knows which belongs to whom!

We created these extra special details with:

Our last little detail was to wrap our soaps. We used 18 inch lengths of 1 1/2 inch pink satin ribbon and 12 inch square pieces of pink tulle.

Place the soaps in the middle of the tulle square.

Fold your ribbon in half.

Trim off the very end at an angle. The highest part is at the ends. The lowest is at the fold.

Pull the tulle up by the corners so that the soaps are inside the pocket that is formed.

Fold your ribbon in half and wrap around the tulle.

And there you have it! Now we are ready for our guests.

Wishing you homeschool blessings and a wonderful spa party,

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LaVonne said...

I love this party. I wish I could have attended! That lavender coconut oil soap? So awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Dede said...

Such fun ideas! My daughter will host her first sleepover in a few months - these are great tips for us to remember.

Bethany said...

The first sleepover is so much fun! We had late night pizza rolls and movies and games for Ceesa first slumber party!

Bethany said...

Thanks! I couldn't believe how simple the soap was to make! Is like to try lemon next!

LauraHix said...

I do not have a home big enough for a party, however have a best friend that is fixing to deploy overseas (she is in ANG) and she deserves this so may make it an event for her. One year in the sand pit, she will deserve it when she gets back also Visiting from #FCBlogger

Amy said...

Wow! You have some fabulous ideas here. Great job. #FCBlogger.

Jennifer said...

That looks like such a fun party with so many special details. My girls would both enjoy every bit.

Brandye said...

I love everything about this party! Those paper flowers are soooooo cute! My little girls would definitely put them in their room for decoration after the party. All the details really bring it all together. Thanks for such a great post. I might have to do this for my daughter's birthday in April. :)

Bethany said...

That is a wonderful idea!

Bethany said...

Thanks so much Amy! I'm sure Ceesa will enjoy it.

Bethany said...

Too bad you are not close! We would have you come!

Bethany said...

How fun! I might make Easter corsages from the flowers for them to wear with them.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a really fun party! And what beautiful pom poms!

Bethany said...

They are very beautiful!

Randi S said...

How looks beautiful and so relaxing!! I am going to pin this to try out these tips later! Great post :)

Bethany said...

Thanks Randi! Lots of fun and very special!

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