Monday, September 1, 2014

Our New School Year

Today is our first day of school and Li's first year of preschool. Are you wondering what we will be doing this year?

Let's see...

Our schedule looks like this for 4 days a week:


  • Family Time: Prayer, Hymn, and Memory Verse
  • Breakfast
  • Spanish & Composer


  • Girls will work on Bible reading, Independent Reading, Copywork, Math, Poetry & Recitation, Narrations, Latin, Grammar, Writing, Oral Speeches, Typing, Book of Centuries & Mapping. 
  • I will pull them separately to read aloud to Jo-Jo and read Plutarch and Shakespeare with Ceesa.
  • Li will have time to listen to a Story, Poetry & Songs, do Math & Copywork and lots of play like: 
    • ~Rhythmic: knit, sew, weave, dance, puzzles
    • ~Creative: clay, paint, draw, build, sand, water, mold, chalk, wax sticks
    • ~archetypes: wood/peg toys, dress up, puppets


  • Go Outside


  • Prep for Lunch, eat and Clean Up
  • Folk Song
  • Artist
  • Rest


  • Choose from Projects, Handicraft, Art, Experiments, or Nature Study 
  • Piano
  • Exercises
  • Any or all of these: Outside, Stories, Strategy Games, Computer, Masterly Inactivity, Living Skills, Garden, Volunteer Work, and Family Chores

On the 5th day we plan our Joyful Moment for the week & we focus on:

  • Family Time
  • reading
  • writing
  • math

So here's what we're planning...

Big year long projects:

  • Jo-Jo -Fables, Dragon Legends/Knights, Saint/Heroes, & Native American Tales/ Coyote; 
  • Ceesa-North American Stories & Geography, Ancient Civilizations: India, Persia, Egypt, China, Greek & Roman

Reading Lists: Literature, poetry, history, geography, & science

Composer Study

  • Hildegard von Bingen
  • Stephen Simon
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff
Artist Study

  • Fra Angelico
  • Diego Velazquez
  • Edgar Degas
Folk Songs

  • Billy Boy, Billy Boy
  • Cherry Ripe
  • Pick a Bale of Cotton

  • Hamlet Prince of Denmark
  • Midsummer Nights Dream 
  • Richard II

  • Crassus
  • Timoleon
  • Aemilius Paulus

  • Cross Stitch
  • Knitting: purling & reg.
  • Woodwork

Just As I Am, Lift High the Cross, Jesus Paid it All, O Holy Night, I Am Thine, O Lord, Fairest Lord Jesus, Lord of all Hopefulness, Come Ye Thankful People come, and Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken

Fix it! Grammar Robin Hood: Book 2

Form Drawing, Modeling, Paper: Collage/mosaic,gift making, card making,Chalk pastels, Watercolor: Wet-on-Wet, Egg Dying, Sketching, and Oil pastel.

Nature Study
Butterflies, Bee, Conifer Tree, Weather, Chicken, Cow, Red bud Trees, Algae and Poppies/plant parts.

Math Mammoth Grades 3 & 5

Spelling and Copywork
Spelling You See Levels C, D, and E

Latina Christiana


Reading with parallel books for oral and written translation
Bible with parallel

Li and I will work on these things:
Alfie Series by Shirley Hughes
Angus Stories
Little Pear, Little Pear and Friends, Little Pear and The Rabbits
Billy and Blaze Series
Beatrix Potter
Brer Rabbit

Poetry & Nursery Rhymes
Poems and Prayers for the Very Young
A Child’s Book of Poems

The World’s Treasury of Children’s Literature 3 Volume anthology
My Book House Book by Olive Beaupre Miller (12 volumes)

Fairy Tales
Goldilocks and three Bears     Little Red Hen                                    Enormous Carrot
3 Little Pigs                             3 Billy Goats Gruff                 Chicken Little
The Boy Who Called Wolf     The Gingerbread Man             Jack and the Beanstalk

Andy and the Lion                 One Morning in Maine                        Roxenboxen
Down, Down the Nature        All the Places to Love                         Down in the Meadow
Yonder                                                Ox Cart Man                                       Hiawatha
Owl Babies                             Make Way for Ducklings                    The Story of Ping
Joseph’s Overcoat                   I love you the Purplist                         Rainbabies
With you all the way

Level A

Listen to Stories told orally
Tell stories orally
Draw pictures of stories
Label the stories
Make a sentence to go along with the story

25 rainbow words
Name letters
Label items and work on writing in a real context
Letters in name & Name puzzle
Letters in ABC order
Match upper and lower case
Form Art, Write letters & numbers
Sound/letter matching

Tongue twisters and rhyme
Narrate events, books, day, etc
Use who, what, where, when, why and how
Use proper grammar and complete descriptions
Listens to others, takes turns talking and speaks about the topic or text being discussed
Respond appropriately & Solve social conflicts through negotiation
Recognize consequences to actions
Focus even when frustrated & use creative and flexible thinking to solve problems.

Critical Thinking Math Books: Compare shapes, in different sizes and orientations
Count to 20
Identify and name numerals 1-9: dot to dot, spinner games, dice
Identify without counting small quantities of up to 3 items.
Demonstrate one-to-one correspondence when counting objects up to 10: dominoes, beans
Understand that the last number spoken tells the number of objects counted.
Make equal sets and sets of 1 more/1 less up to 10.
Solve simple addition and subtraction problems up to 8 with manipulative and story problems
Group and regroup: Sort and classify objects by one or more attributes (e.g., size, shape).
Recognize, duplicate, extend, create patterns: color, shape, size, sound, and motion
Describe and compare objects using length, size, capacity and weight
Order objects by biggest to smallest
Measure length and volume using non-standard or standard measurement tools: hand tracings
Collect data by categories to answer simple questions
Position: in/on/under,up/down,inside/outside,above/below,beside/between,infront/behind,next to
Create shapes during play by building, drawing & Combine simple shapes to form larger shapes
Describe, compare, sort, classify, and order.
Record observations using words, pictures, charts, graphs, etc. (Graphing: small, medium, large)
Days of the week & Months of the year
Build trains with rods: longer and shorter and Build stairs

Weather                                   Mapping-represent places                   Cutting pages
Basic Needs                            Life cycles                                           babies to adult animals
Body parts                              Nutrition                                             Exercise

Safety rules                             Emergency routines

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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