Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Truth: My Word for 2014

There is a lie we all believe. It is a lie that seems to follow us throughout our lives. It started when we were young and it grew as we grew. The people around us seemed to enforce it. To give it reality. To verify how true it is.

Eventually the lie becomes so etched into who we are that we only believe the evidence of the lie. Even when so many things plainly tell us the lie is not true, we begin to ignore all of those things. We firmly believe the lie.

I wish it was easy to see the lie, but it isn't. It isn't even the same lie for everyone. I didn't even realize I had a lie until, just a few months ago. I woke from a dream that plainly spoke my lie. I could see it through my life. The echo of it in my decisions. In life circumstances.

But the seed for this realization, started with a friend. She has a lie. She knows her lie. She shared it with me. And so when I see the lie on her face, in her eyes, I tell her the truth. That she is priceless and is loved and is wonderful. I want to speak her truth so loud that she can not hear the lie, so that she only hears her truth.

Believing your lie is dangerous and the lie is a trap from the enemy. He seeks to destroy you and keep you from the best God has for you, the truth of your life. My lie has brought me heartache, jealousy, a striving for perfectionism that is unnecessary, unhealthy, and unwelcome, and has held me back from serving others and fulfilling the plan God has for my life.

So I choose to seek the truth. When I hear the lie, when I feel it deep. I stop. I speak the truth. I say it out loud. I quote scripture. I sing praises. I turn the lie off. I pray to see what it is holding me back from.

In my life, I'm looking for the truth. But also in my children. I'm looking for the lie that is being planted in their lives. The lie that will destroy and I'm working to weed it out and filling them with the truth.

I encourage you to discover this lie in your own life. This lie that holds you back, makes you feel saddened, stops you from the plan for your life. Then tell yourself the opposite. Believe the opposite. Then you've found the truth. The truth of who God made you to be.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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Unknown said...

Beautiful post! I am constantly seeking God's truth in my life. said...

Very insightful post. I love how you state that we each live with a lie- it's so easy to overlook the deception in our own lives.

Stacie said...

Very insightful. I think sometimes things are so ingrained we don't realize the truth. I also really like the positive at the end of the blog post.

Bethany said...

Thanks ladies. It is really something, I have to constantly think on and put into practice-this believing the truth and actively walking away from the lie.

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