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Our Experience and Review of HelloFresh Meal Delivery Service Number 3

After trying out HelloFresh earlier this year, we were offered a great discount to try it again. My plan was to use it for a week and pause our subscription; however, we found that I got on the site too late to cancel for the next week. So we ended up with a third box.

The Details

Three meals are sent out each week and there are three boxes to choose from:

Classic for omnivores  for 2 $9.90  per person or $69 a box
Veggie for herbivores for 2 is $9.08 per person or $59 a box
Family of 4 $8.75 per person for $105 a box

Each meal has the food required to make it (some basics are required from your kitchen...butter and oil for example). The food comes packed with ice packs in an insulated bag.

Recipes for all three meals are included and have step-by-step directions with photographs to illustrate.  Generally these come in nice cards, last time our recipes were on computer print outs. We found that the titles for each step of the directions were confusing for the girls when working on the recipes with our first box, so we just crossed out the titles. We also previously discovered that the difficulty levels don't really match for the girls, so we paid little heed to those and worked together to make everything. For the most part, I would read each step and assign part of that to the girls. Nutrition information is included on the side of the box and on the cards. I was really excited to discover carbs are included. We have a little guest that comes to visit occasionally that has type 1 diabetes and having the carbs already counted saves me lots of time!

You choose the date for delivery Tuesday-Saturday (It is set to arrive 8AM-8PM).

You can cancel or suspend by clicking in your profile, but be sure to cancel before the deadline or you will get sent an extra week.

You can give it a try using our referral code. Right now you'll receive your first box and second box for $25 off! Yay! Our HelloFresh Referrel code is 8v82WV.

In Each Box
Each meal comes in its own box or set of boxes with the exception of meats. Meats are packed separately. Boxes are labeled with the name of the recipe. Inside an individual box, you'll find pouches and bags with grains, seasonings, and fresh produce.

Our Experience with our Third Box
The first thing I discovered when we opened our box was that there were some changes made to the packaging. Typically our orders were sent in a foil lined box. This time it was some type of paper insulation. For the first time, I would give the packaging a thumbs down.

As I was removing the items to refrigerate them, I discovered a hole in the paper and 

one of the ice packs had leaked onto the paper in another area.

We've been using the box for a family of 4. While we are a family of 6, Wheel eats small bits and with an extra side or salad, we found that everyone was easily full with a lunch or two for Poppa left over.

The first meal the kids made was the Mushroom and Spinach Flatbread with Fresh Mozzarella, Garlic, and Parmesan.

This recipe had us drooling at fresh mozzarella. It is a favorite around here.
This is wonderful bread and everyone liked it. I added this one to our recipe box. It will be wonderful with my homemade pizza recipe.

Second, we made Pork Teriyaki with Egg Noodles, Asparagus, and Sesame Seeds.
This was a good meal for us. We love asparagus (we grow it in our garden and have learned how to find it in the wild, too). The pork was a little dry prepared this way, but the sauce was helpful in making it tastier. One step in the directions didn't match the picture provided, so there was a little confusion in preparing it, but we made due.

 And finally, we made the Dukkah-Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes, Snap Peas, and Citrus Sour Cream.

We really liked this meal. Dukkah is a spice we've used before when we prepared an Egyptian meal. The sweet potatoes and snap peas were yummy and prepared in a way that left crunch to the snap peas. Usually the kids are not huge fans of sweet potatoes, but they liked them cooked this way. So this meal was a winner.

One thing I have noticed is that after eating the meals from our boxes, I have a strange taste in my mouth for a day or so. I'm not sure what to attribute this to exactly. At first, I thought it was a fluke, but as we've had 3 boxes with very different meals in them, I have to conclude it is something about the food. I'm just not sure how to explain or identify it for you.

Overall, I feel like the girls have had some valuable cooking experiences with this service and we always enjoy trying out new foods. Most of the meals are to our liking.

After we paused our subscription, we had a representative call and offer us another discount to set up a delivery. We passed at that time, as we had a lot of travel coming up.

Remember if you want to give HelloFresh a try use our referral code. Our HelloFresh Referrel code is 8v82WV. If you want to try out any of these recipes for yourself, there is an archive section on the HelloFresh website where you can find them.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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