Monday, August 10, 2015

Flick Stick

So we decided to give a Flick Stick a try.
It was inspired from Family Fun Magazine.
The directions call for a laundry detergent bottle, a water bottle, duct tape, and a dowel rod. We didn't have the laundry detergent bottle on hand, so we used a milk jug instead (but the laundry bottle would be stronger).
Did you notice the car on two wheels in this picture? Too funny.
You cut out the jug/bottle close to the picture below; however, we cut more off. We went to below the sticker.

Then you cut off all but the top portion of your water bottle.

Then it is time to tape the two together.

Insert your dowel rod and make a ball of sorts out of duct tape at the end of the rod that is inside of the jug so that it does not come out.

Then get ready to use the flick stick.

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