Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Water Blob

I've had water blob on our bucket list for the last two years, but well it looked like it was going to be a very big deal to make it and I just didn't try. But it is super simple and with an extra pair of willing hands, it takes very little time.
To be honest, I only got down to trying it out because our pool sprung a leak and we needed something to do. The only requirements are plastic, duct tape and water.
You can make these things mini or super large. It depends on your tastes. :)
You start by folding the plastic in half. Tape the open ends, but leave a hole just big enough for your water hose.
Find a flat surface to lay it down on and begin to fill it with water. We found it easiest to prop the hose up on a water pitcher so that the hose stayed put and no water leaked out.

Then it is time to test it out.

Our plastic was thinner than I'd recommend so a few holes started. We just covered them with tape. :)

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