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CTC Math {Review}

CTC Math sent us access to their 12 Month Family Plan to review.

What is it?
CTC Math is an online math program that is available on computer, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. There is coursework for Kindergarten-6th grade, Basic Math and Pre-Algebra, Elementary Measurement, Elementary Geography, Algebra I, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Algebra II, Geometry, and Trigonometry.  The Family Plan allows you to register up to 10 students and you can move them throughout whatever course you would like with no limitations in where they work because you have access to all areas for each child. K-6 is a complete curriculum and 7 and up is a supplemental. For the upper grade level course work, there are worksheets available to print off as well.

How does it work?
Parents begin by choosing the appropriate course work for their child. Once a course is chosen, streams are provided. Within the streams are topics that the child will work through. Standard and comprehensive test for available for each topic from grades K-6. You can use these are pretests and as final tests after the topics have been completed.
To begin, your child watches a video (taught by a man with an Australian accent~although Ceesa calls him Barnaby because we have a friend from Wales by the name~I will often hear her say at the end of a lesson, "Thank you Barnaby.").  Most of the streaming videos are 5-10 minutes in duration.

A printable lesson summary is available that details how to solve the problem.

Your child will then answer 10 questions that involve solving problems based on what was taught.
As your child completes a lesson, their percentage will show up with their high score, overall average, and a check mark upon passing. 

Another area of practice is Speed Skills. Your child can work on their speed with addition, subtraction, mixed multiplication and division, division with remainder, and order of operations.

Parents are able to keep track of their child's progress. In the Parents' Area (from the Parent's Login), you have the ability to see each child's (up to 10) overall results which includes lessons completed, the child's overall efficiency rating, and options to view results reports (summary or detailed). The summary includes all grade levels completed and the detailed report gives the efficiency rating, first attempt, highest temp, how many attempts total, how many to pass, and the date passed. There is information on recent activity as well.

You can choose from three feedback options (your choice of them, all of them, or none of them): Weekly Progress Reports (sent to your email), Awards and Certificates, and Newsletters. We received the Weekly Progress Report. The report includes a list of the children in your family, date, what was completed, the efficiency rating, time and scores, timeline for completion, number of lessons completed, and overall percent.

Our Experience
I really wanted to try out CTC Math with Ceesa. She has been working at a level below her grade level and I want to use the summer and early fall to get her up to the proper level. Since CTC Math offers a Comprehensive Test for each topic, we would be able to test her at the beginning to see what skills she needs to work on for her current grade level. I don't want to waste time going through things that she already knows, but focus our limited time this summer on the things that will help her be ready for her new grade level.

To start with, we went to the 6th Grade Course. Ceesa took the Comprehensive Test for Number I. We decided for any part that Ceesa got below 90%, we would have her watch the lesson. there were 4 areas she tested out of and the remaining lessons, she watched the videos and answered the questions.

If she got at least 90%, we considered her done with that part. If she got less then 90%, she worked through a second set of questions. If at her second attempt, she didn't not pass, we had her wait and rewatch that video another day. After viewing it again, she would work out the questions again. If she still did not pass, I would sit with her and we would work on the method with which she was using to solve the problems until she was confident in her understanding.

For many of the problems at this level, we recommend that you have a pencil and paper to work out the problems. Especially when the answers need any work done.

Ceesa says she likes being able to listen to the videos. The videos free me so that I can let her learn the bulk of the work without me. Then I assist her when she is still confused.

I truly appreciate being able to see what she needs and then being able to work in those areas.

We recommend you check out the sample video and demonstration video to determine how CTC Math may fit your needs. Anyone that is in our situation or that wants to work through math at a pace and level with the child's needs in mind, will find CTC Math flexible. Those who want extra math help or a full curriculum for grades K-6 may also want to try it out.

Ceesa and I will continue to use CTC Math throughout the summer and into the fall until she is up to her grade level. After that we will focus on the Speed Skills and Pre-Algebra. Our ultimate goal is to have ready for Algebra I next year at this time.

Li will also be working on this next school year. He took a Comprehensive Test as well and I know just where we will start. I've found that he needs me with him to assist using the keys, but that I believe will come as he is working on it daily.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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