Friday, February 13, 2015

Preschool and Kindergarten Mathematics: Numeral and Sign Writing

We spend time practicing the formation of the numbers 0-10. We play with play dough, pipe cleaners, and breadstick dough. We write them in sand, with sidewalk chalk and, of course, with good old pencil and paper.

Once this is mastered, we make our way through one hundred using a number chart with some of the numbers missing.

We work through basic signs with number stories for +, -, and =.

For the = sign, we learn both equals, equal to, and same as.

For the + sign, we learn the terms add, more, and plus.

For the – sign, we learn take away, subtract, and less.

For the < and > signs, we learn less than and greater than. This is really hard to remember, so we pretend it is an alligator. I tell my kids that the alligator will turn its huge, snapping mouth at the biggest number because it is always hungry and wants to eat more, more, more.

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