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Plutarch: Timoleon

411 BC -337 BC

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Timoleon had a brother. And like so many before him, his brother was not of a merit worth gold. This brother was not an honorable man, but selfish and most cruel. On many occasions Timoleon protected him and guided him, but then there came a day when Timoleon's brother gave into violence and would not be persuaded for good. Then Timoleon stood by while 2 of his companions murdered his brother.

This act must have caused Timoleon much pain, choosing between the people's good and his brother's life. While Rome (for the most part, excepting his mother and some others) approved of the removal of a tyrant, Timoleon retired to the countryside for 20 years. Initially he had resolved to starve himself to death, but persuaded not to by friends stayed away from political affairs instead.

Sicily was in turmoil with dictators washing in and out. Knowing this would be an advantage to them, the Carthians decided to strike when Sicily was weak and take the island. When Sicily was being invaded by the Carthians, they appealed to Corinth to save them as Sicily was peopled from Corinth. An army was appointed to be lead by Timoleon. And with it, he came to the rescue. When the Carthians were finally put down, Timoleon restored order and rule. When the Carthians returned a second and third time, Timoleon was again there to squash the enemy.

Timoleon passed the remainder of his life in Sicily and died a hero, honored and respected even is old age. A proclamation was said to be given at his death. "The people of Syracuse inter Timoleon the Corinthian at the public charge, and decree that he shall be honoured through all time in annual games as the man who uprooted the tyrants, conquered the barbarians, repeopled great cities which aforetime lay desolate, and restored freedom to the Sicilians."

We are using Anne White's Study Guide from Ambleside Online & the history outlined in Our Young Folk's Plutarch and Plutarch's Lives for Boys and Girls.

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