Saturday, September 6, 2014

Games of Words to Play While you Wait

Looking for things to keep your kids thinking while waiting?

Try some of these games of words
1) A my Name is Alice~Play the game following this stanza through the alphabet alternating each person. ___ my name is _______ and my husband/wife's name is _________. We live in ___________ and we sell ___________. Every blank is filled in with a word that starts with the letter picked initially. So here's one for B...B my  name is Bertha and my husband's name is Bernie. We live in Boston and we sell Bananas.

2) Article, Adjective, Noun, Verb~Every person comes up with a sentence using this format...A white bear growls. OR A whimpering dog hides.

3) Expanding Article, Adjective, Noun, Verb (Adverb)~Every person comes up with a sentence using the format while expanding on the sentence... so with an adverb added, you'd have...Article, Adjective, Noun, Verb, Adverb...A hot oven glows brightly. OR A savage tiger roars loudly.

4) Tell a Story in Parts-One person starts a story and then every person adds to it as it goes around. We did this once in the doctor's office for one of Wheel's OB appointments. Just as we were telling a story about a giant thundering around the corner, a loud banging came from the outside of the waiting room door. There were some very large eyes looking back at me. :)

5) Try some Mad Libs. You can buy them, find some free online to print, take a passage from a story and sub out your own words, or write your own. You can write them while you wait and then ask for the word parts or  just have some ready with word parts.

6) Describe the Picture-Find funny or interesting pictures or even art prints. Have kids tell a story about the picture. You can even have the kids memorize the picture and then tell about what they saw with it covered. Or you can have one person describe a picture to another and have the one listening draw what they think is being described.

7) Word Associations-Start with one word and have another person say the first word that comes to his/her mind. Alternate turns. Like fish--clown--circus--elephant--trunk--plane--clouds, etc.

8) Play 20 Questions-think of something and give your children 20 questions to ask to discover what you are thinking of. Then give them a turn and you guess.

9) Play Taboo-Pick something. Then give a question that would lead to the obvious question. Tell the person the first letter of the word and give them the question. They have to answer the question without using the letter you've named. For example, the letter is p and the question is What is a bear that lives where it is cold? The obvious answer would be polar bear, but they can't use a word that starts with p. So they may say a large, white bear that lives in Arctic regions. You can do this in alphabetical order too.

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