Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Floating and Sinking Boats

Poppa drained our swimming pool for us and there was just enough water left to test out our boats.

When we went out, we were in for a surprise. We weren't the only ones that thought our pool would be an excellent place for a swim.

First we tried out our cardboard boat that I covered in duck tape.

It sunk. I didn't think this one would float...too tall and thin.

Ceesa emptied the water out and the kids decided it wasn't heavy enough. I kept quiet and they went off to find some rocks.

They filled it up with rocks and...

it floated!!! Good thing I kept my mouth shut.

Then we tried the walnut boat. I thought this one would float for sure. But nope, it sunk.

Next, we will see how this one works. Will it float or sink?

We might test this one out in the bathtub or the kitchen sink as the pool has been emptied (frog and all).

Update: It floats! The bathtub is a great place for testing boats when the weather is bad!

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