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UberSmart Software: UberSmart Math Facts {A Review}

UberSmart Software sent us a download to UberSmart Math Facts
($24.95 family license), a downloadable software program for mastering math facts, for grades K-6.

What is it?

UberSmart Math facts is a downloadable software program (for Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista only) that helps children learn, practice, and assess for mastery of math facts (Addition and subtraction goes up through the 9s and multiplication and division has the option to work on the 9's - 20's). It can be used with your full screen or a smaller screen. Children can practice with Dot Cards (like dominoes) and Flash Cards and even practice their Keyboard Entry speed for the number pad. You can use it with up to 8 children.

Problems are presented one group at a time in manageable chunks. Each set shows each fact only one time during a session in order or shuffled (your choice). When facts are mastered, students received a printable certificate. There are three modes: learning, practice, and testing.

By clicking on the Learn button, you will find options for dot cards for beginners and flashcards for teaching facts.

The Practice button has dot cards, keyboard entry for speed, and flash cards.

The Test button has assessments for beginners to determine where to start and mastery tests for those ready to test out of the facts. The facts are set up so you can see the one you just finished and the one that will come next while you are working on your current problem. This helps the brain prepare to answer that questions while you are actively working on the current fact. 

If the child takes a mastery test and doesn't master it, the program shows them to review the missed facts and then tells them to go back to the practice section. By clicking on the Focused box, the child can concentrate just on the ones missed. When they have been practiced and the child seems fluent, the program recommends practicing all of the facts before returning to the Mastery test. 

The Compete button lets your child compete with users across the globe (an internet connection is needed for this section).

The Report button has various reports for determining how your child is progressing. The program tracts correct and incorrect facts and ones your child struggled to answer through dot progress, mastery progress, chart, and date, grade book, assessment reports from the last Assessment test, and competition with the child's highest score and how it compares. 

The Maintain button allows parents to add students, remove students, change settings, set the admin password, and check for updates (automatically or manually). The About link contains the section for you to enter your license information after purchasing.

How did we use it?
I started by reading through the guide provided by clicking the ? button on the main tool bar. There are adjustable time limits, so I set those based on the recommendation in the maintenance section. 

Then I had both Ceesa and Jo-Jo take the Assessment Test which is a placement test. The Assessment Test generates a report that is stored under the Report Tab in Assessment. It allows the parent to see what the strengths and needs of the child are and recommends how to proceed.

Before we could start with the math fact area, both girls needed to work on the speed with which they typed in the numbers on the keyboard. Once their speed was at an acceptable rate, we went on to the facts suggested to work on by the report. I knew exactly which problems Ceesa and Jo-Jo needed to learn, practice, or assess for mastery. 

For problems that they needed to learn, we started with the Learn tab. When they felt they knew them, they moved on to the Practice section. Since it is recommended to work through the practice section several times, we did so. What I really like is that it provides feedback after each set and it tells the child what to do next, practice more, move on to assessment mastery, etc.

Then the kids would go on to the Mastery assessment portion.

What do we recommend?
Before you jump in, read the information provided by clicking on the ? box. It saved us time and made the whole program work well for us. We'd recommend trying the 30 day trial to see if you'd like the program in your own home or try out the...

Discount Offer

Enter “v4 Early Bird” in the discount code on the purchase page for a 30% discount.  Please note that the discount code is only valid until September 30th.

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