Friday, August 1, 2014

Baby and Child Studies = Home Economics = The Things I Wish I Knew Almost 2 Decades Ago + The Most Important Part

If I could go back 2 decades and only know what I know now. Oh, how much easier my life would have been through the years! I wish I could have started with so many things and let go of so many others before now. Time is short and they are only small for a season.

As my girls get older, I think I'd like for them to do a home education project on early education; however, not the one that I took in college. I would have them read about...

  • how nursing benefits the babe both short term and long term
  • how sound (womb sounds with white noice, heart beat, and water) and music impacts growth and works as a therapy 
  • how balence and movement need time to develop in a natural state that isn't to be rushed throughout childhood
  • how exercise, dance, and the retention of reflexes affects a child's development
  • how watching (looking deep in their eyes) and listening to your babies/children are important ways to respond them
  • how to respect your baby/child and help them through the rough patches (without shushing, diversion, and bobbling)
  • how touch and scent (skin to skin, baby wearing) remain a comfort to your baby and child that follows them throughout their lives
  • how sleep patterns and sleep behavior can be supported and safe bedsharing practices are supported by research
  • how art can be a form of expression and therapy
  • how open-ended toys made of natural materials encourage creativity and different types of important play
  • how children 6 1/2 to 8 and in their late teens go through a neural housekeeping brain dump and how it affects them and their descision making
  • how rountines throughout the day and with meals creates a safe, comfortable environment
  • how giving children oppurtunities to work with you gives them a lifelong joy in the work they do

But the most important thing that I wish I knew was loving my children starts with loving God. And understanding that He loves them so much more than I could, what I give them as a mother is just a small portion of what His love for them is. My love is human. His love is perfect. 

I want my children to know that they can turn their children over to Him. They can trust Him with them. After all, those precious gifts are only a loan from the One that loves them best of all.

So I wish I had always understood that when trouble arises, my job as their Momma is to go to God. To read my Bible and listen to the still, small voice leading me to lead them. God knows the plans for their lives. The miraculous, amazing plans he has for them. If I don't go to my knees and listen to his guidance, I am only standing in the way of helping them find God.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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