Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Town Hunt

Last year, we started a Town Hunt or Strange Road Trip, but maybe we should re-name it our Interesting Town Hunt. 

If you saw our postfrom last year's Town Hunt, you know we've added some places to our list. Ceesa has been having some allergies (I think to the painting project in the basement). Her poor eyes are so sore. We decided to take a trip to the doctor. Of late, I've tried to add a special bonus, so going to the doctor is a bit more fun and worthwhile since it is about a 40 minute drive into the office (Not that seeing the doctor is not worthwhile in and of itself, but when you have to take 4 kids in with you, it is nice to have some fun outside of the office :) ) So a Town Hunt is just the thing.

The day was not really going according to my plans, starting with making the appointment. Then it began to rain, so we kind of stumbled upon something else. We went to a local college campus where there is generally an art display. And well it was inbetween shows. Ahh! That's when I thought well we'll go through this building to get out of the rain and what meets my eyes? can't tell me God doesn't answer prayers, even my small, please give us some little blessings prayers. 

George Washington

William Shakespeare 

Benjamin Franklin 

Abraham Lincoln 

Claude Monet

And then the rain let up and we discovered these outside...

Town Hunts are so much fun!

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Those are great! You couldn't have planned a better find.

Bethany said...

It was a lot of fun and so unexpected!

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