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Year 1, Term 3 Exam: Homeschool exams and tests for first grade

We've been reworking how we are doing exams. We include some fun things in the afternoons and work diligently and purposefully on the handful of questions that I ask in the mornings. I thought I'd share them with you!

Year 1, Term 3 Exam

Question 1: God’s world is miraculous and wonderful. We’ve learned a couple of hymns this term that talk about God’s wonderful creation: This is my Father’s World and For the Beauty of the Earth. We’ve read about how Paddle traveled from Lake Nipigan across the ocean to France. We’ve learned how Robin Redbreast sings when he gets his daily bread and that he is provided for even in the dead of winter. We’ve heard how the little spider in Cobwebs learned of miraculous things while building her web in the church. We’ve studied how the whole world comes alive in the spring and God has set the seasons in motion (weather, trees, birds, dandelions, cattails, caterpillar to cocoon to moth all show these things). We’ve learned about dogs and horses and brains and fish and clouds and magnets and poles. All of these things cry out the goodness and miraculous wonder of his creation.

Create something  (music, handicraft, recycled material project, diorama, play, puppet show, cooking, dance, land art, or art media: collage, paint, chalk, pencil) to show how God’s creation is miraculous and wonderful.  

Questions 2: We’ve heard a lot of great stories this term. All stories are told with one person’s or character’s point of view at heart. Like in the stories by James Herriot, he tells us stories from his view or the Just so Stories are told to tell of a punishment that one of the creatures receives. Can you tell one of the stories from a different point of view?

Choose one of these characters…
Duke Orsinio from The Twelveth Night.
Oscar from Cat about Town
Smudge from the Little Lost Lamb.
The Bear from In the East of the Sun and West of the Moon
The Crab from the Crab that Played with the Sea
The Cat from the Cat that Walked by Himself
The Butterfly from the Butterfly that Stamped

Pretend you are that character and write the story as you see it.

Question 3: Choose one of these scientific experiments that we learned about and tell what kind of change takes place.
~pointillism and the theory of color behind it.
~lava lamp
~drops of water on a penny
~Water and straw in the bottle
~ Newton’s Laws of Motion
~ Pendulum 
~Fourth state of matter
~ Static

Question 4: Using your maps, timeline, and what you know about Buffalo Bill explain…What did it mean to live in the same time in the west as Buffalo Bill?

Question 5: Both holiday celebrations and music can create a mood that makes us feel a certain way.

We celebrated a lot of spring holidays (Pentecost, ascension, Easter, Transformation, and Palm Sunday), listened to several pieces of opera, and learned the song Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.

Choose one of these things and show how it makes you feel  (music, handicraft, recycled material project, diorama, play, puppet show, cooking, dance, land art, or art media: collage, paint, chalk, pencil)?

Question 6: We’ve learned lots of versus from the Bible that give us direction for how we should live a life that honors God and we’ve read lots of stories about people with good character and people with bad character. We’ve read about King Lear and his daughters (Cordelia, Regan, and Goneril), Ali Baba, the 40 Thieves, and Baba’s maid, the stubborn trees in the Law of the Wood, St. Patrick, Pope Gregory, Boniface, Hugh from Leadership Garden, the Vikings, Alfred the Great, and Carol from Papa’s Pearls.

How do they react or act that honors God and doesn’t? Who will gain and who will lose? 


Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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