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See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish {A Review}

Flip Flop Learning sent us See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish ($99.95).  It is designed to be used for ages 3 to 93.

About See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish
See It and Say It Flip Flop Spanish is designed to be a 2 year curriculum. It comes with the complete curriculum on heavy paper, 3 sets of photo flash cards, a whiteboard paddle, a whiteboard marker, 4 audio CD's with a pleasant speaking voice, and a plastic CD holder. 

After the initial introduction to the lesson, students are expected to complete a range of activities: practice, speed, sentences, labeling, build it up, speed round, categories, grammar, pronouns, and other various activities.

Additional Materials Required

  • device for playing the audio CD's
  • binder for holding your curriculum
  • cards for making your own flashcards to complete some of the sentences
  • usual household materials 

Time Frame
Upon arrival, the curriculum comes in a very manageable format. We opened the shrink wrapped curriculum and put it in a binder. It comes hole-punched. And then we put the cards into baggies to keep them separated.  That's it. Your ready to go.

To prepare for the week, the parent simply needs to pull out the cards listed. Before each lesson, he/she lays the cards out and plays the audio CD~an older child can do this as well. The parent is encouraged to follow along with the manual (the words in the manual match those on the audio CD) and repeat the lesson throughout the week without the audio CD.


It is recommended that the students complete one lesson a week working about three times per week. Each lesson was very short (about 10 minutes). There are breaks about every six weeks and students are encouraged to watch Spanish movies, review flashcards, or just practice the words.

How we used it 
We work on Spanish as a family.  So we would sit around the table and work together: Little Man, Jo-Jo, Ceesa, and I.

I would generally listen to the lesson by myself first to ensure I had the proper pronunciation and then I would teach from the manual for our initial round of a lesson. Then for the second and third lesson of the week, we would listen to the audio. We found the audio CD to be a bit fast for us. 

What I Liked
We enjoyed the extra activities: games, charades, skits, and writing elements. Without doing the extra writing activities, we didn't see the words enough to really know them well. We would recommend doing all of the optional writing assignments each week.

What the Kids have to say
Ceesa liked the quick flash card games. Jo-Jo liked the pictures on the cards and the games that they could play with them. Little Man also enjoyed the pictures and we always had to be sure that he could see them from wherever he was sitting.

What they Learned
They each added a few new words to their Spanish vocabulary. Some of them they already new from working with Spanish for a couple of years.

Wish List
We really enjoy learning Spanish by listening to music, watching videos, and playing computer games. We would love to see these incorporated into the program. 

For the breaks or even during the off days, a list of good resources would be  so helpful for us.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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