Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 Fun Ways to Study Something

My kids are so willing to learn about just about anything. If we see a duck, they are interested in ducks. If we meet a reenactor portraying Abraham Lincoln, he is what they are absorbed in. If they happen upon a book about desert climates, you guessed it, that is what they want to know more about.

This one is, but he definitely caught their attention.
It's neck makes me think it is a goose. We haven't looked it up yet. :)

There is nothing they are not interested in. In fact, we went to the library today and the topic of study? The Dewey Decimal system. Seriously. They. Were. Completely. Absorbed.

Here are some things we've found to help up our studies:
  1. Find an interest and stick around. 
  2. Look for resources of interest: books, online sources, identification books, etc.
  3. Go extreme: get involved and make experiments.
  4. Observe closely the real thing.
  5. Make a reminder of their learning.
Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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MrsYub said...

This is just what we do, when we get the time and the inclination! We use the ACHS curriculum, and lately there has been no spare time (not that we're bored or anything, quite the contrary infact!) but when we go out and about, the children are adamant they just want to tear around like mad chooks lately, lol!!

Bethany said...

Yes...well...there is generally some running around like mad here as well.

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