A Terrific Homeschool Day

There are good days and not-so-good days
when you homeschool.

A great day for us looks like...

Homemade Breakfast:
Homemade Blueberry Muffins

Read some stories
    Make Cookies:
No bakes (Poppa’s Favorite)
Have fun math

   Draw to our hearts content

Watch the sweet colt and her Momma

Find a hole and make up a story of
the Tiny Man that Lives in the Hole
Make some mud and some soup and plant some helicopters
Eat some lunch
Read some stories

Watch a pair of robins feed their hatchlings
Go on Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt
Make a paper bunting
Have some dinner
Swing in the backyard
Bedtime snuggle and read
Ahh. Just thinking about these days is a blessing.


Wendy said...

Hi! I'm now following your blog from the Crew. :) I have to ask--what is the food in the lunch picture?

Bethany said...

They are Momos. We learned how to make them when we studied Tibet...http://littlehomeschoolblessings.blogspot.com/2012/02/marco-polo-study-tibet.html . We put all sorts of combinations of meats, sauces and cheeses! :)

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm so glad to be following you from the Crew! That definitely does look like a great homeschool day! :)

Bethany said...

Yes, it was a great day. If all of them could be beautiful spring days...

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