Our Homeschool and About Me

We homeschool and we love every minute of it. (Do you want to know why?) We believe in a “whole”istic approach. A life-long education not just of the mind, but of the emotion, heart, and spirit.  We believe in homemade and learning naturally. Our home is filled with rhythm, warmth, projects, art work, music, great literature, and joy filled days.

We draw. We read rich, living, literature EVERY DAY. We sing hymns, praise songs, nursery rhymes, and folk songs (mostly off key). We hike. We paint. We garden. We read our Bible. We cook and bake. We walk barefoot in the grass. We learn to read with real books in our hands. We craft. We scrapbook. We learn about the world, while we are in the world. We camp. We sew. We study composers and artists. We experiment. We embroider. We spend as much of our time as possible in the out-of-doors. We dance. We go on nature walks. We spend lots of time becoming masters of inactivity.

And BEST OF ALL, we do it together, as a family.

How did we come to this? Only by the good Lord’s leading. It wasn’t our plan. I taught public school and am a trained literacy coordinator. I have taught preschool through university. Poppa is an administrator for a local school district. That was the plan. We didn’t intend for our lives to take such a turn. But it has and we are all the more blessed for following the call.

So now we homeschool, I still teach university and I write. I've written reviews, articles, lesson plans, curriculum, newsletters, and of course, here at our homeschool blog. I have three priorities for my life: nurturing a deep and profound relationship with my Lord and savior, building a closeness and lasting friendship with my husband, and helping my children build deep, personal relationships with God, real friendships with their siblings, strong character, and a love of learning.

The more I "teach," the more I find I'm not a teacher. I'm a qustioner, a wonderer, an observer, a discoverer, a seeker of truth and beauty, a fellow student. And this is bliss.

Thanks for coming to spend time with our family. 

Wishing you homeschool blessings,


Serena said...

Lovely! Inspiring. God bless you and your family. It sounds like you are very balanced in what you do, not just the traditional 'education' but not ignoring that either.

Bethany said...

Thank you for your kind words!

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