The Milk Spills Day

There are terrific, beautiful, content homeschool days.
And then there are days when the milk spills.
Or days when caring siblings fight.
Or days when rain spoils a lovely plan.

Or there are homeschool days when...
~the e-mail brings disappointing news at 8:54
~the milk spills at 9:36
~Jo-Jo complains about breakfast at 9:37
~Li bangs his forehead and bruises it at 10:13
~Li gets his head stuck between the deck rails at 10:22
~the window sills are decorated 11:35
~Jo-Jo cries 3 times before 12:00
~the chalk pastels get knocked on the floor and break at 12:15
~Jo-Jo cries at 12:15 about said chalk pastels
~Ceesa complains that she has to wear a jacket when the neighbors are wearing shorts and it's only 50 degrees at 1:00
~the glass plate breaks at 1:30 
~the screaming contest with the sweeper begins at 1:38
Who's louder? Jo-Jo or Li?
~the naptime book is torn at 2:02
~Li throws everything out of his bed at 2:14
~Momma puts everything back in Li's bed at 2:16

And this is when I start to wonder...
how we even fit in reading stories,
a bit of math,
a special project for the birds,
a chalk pastel,
some Spanish,
a folk song,
listening to Hindesmith.

And then I wonder where we'll find time for
the poetry readings,
the log line,
the nature notebooks,
my own long list of things to do.

And then Li says,
"So Momma so..."
and reaches up and pulls me close to him
and kisses my neck.

I breathe in
baby soft,
breathe deep.

"So Baby so..."
Momma counts her blessings at 2:33.


Jennet, Feathered Nest Studio said...

Oh, this post is so perfect! You capture motherhood exactly as it is some days, and I couldn't help but tear up at the "So Momma so..." part. Thank you for putting words to what I feel some days, down to the overwhelming feeling of being blessed by my little people.

Bethany said...

Yes. It makes me tear up a bit too, but mostly because that little babe is a big boy now. It goes fast, this mothering, even right in the middle of it.

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