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Year 7, Term 2 Exam: Homeschool Exams and Tests for Seventh Grade

Wondering how to do exams with your homeschooler?
Here are copies of our exams: Example Exams and Daily Schedule

How we create our exam questions: Creating Exam Questions

Year  7, Term 2 Exam

SS: Government, Citizenship, History, geography: Background with creative expression (handicraft, recycled material project, diorama, cooking, land art, or art media: collage, paint, mold, chalk, pencil)

When the crew of the Brendan set off, they would learn lots and lots of things that the Irish monks on their original voyages would have known, seen, and felt to some extent. Not only did the crew prove that this type of travel to America from Ireland could be done, but that many of the stories related about Saint Brendan could very well have been true when stripped of their embellishments from the wrtiers.

Consider some of the things they discovered from places (like Greenland and Newfoundland) to things (like floes and the lava flows) to animals (like the whales and birds).

Answer the question…What have you learned from reading the book that you would like someone else to know? Reflect on why that is important. Then create something to show your learning.

Music: composer, folk song, hymn, instrument and Bible & Service: readings, hymn: The Greater Meaning with oral expression (presentation: Defend, Persuade, judge, compare/contrast, inform, narration)

Look at the three quotes listed below that have come from some of your studies this term…

"the blessedness of possessing nothing." ~A.W. Tozer

“Why does God endow us with compassion?” ~Franz Schubert

"And who is my neighbor?" ~Luke 10:29

Create a presentation based on one of these quotes. In your presentation include:
  • Your interpretation of the quote
  • How this relates to your own experience
  • How does this impact your life
  • What does it mean for your relationships

Literature, poetry, and additional reading and SS: Government, Citizenship, History, geography: Viewpoint with written expression (narration, proposal, biography, persuade, problem/solution, instructions, list, poetry, creative writing, composition)

Considering some of the stories that you’ve read this term, I want you to reflect on another side’s perspective. Choose from any of these stories, but any character you want except the one telling the story. The Once and Future King (ant, badger, Merlin, Pellinore, etc.), In Freedom’s Cause (King Edward, Archie’s mother, a Scottish maid), Joan of Arc (Joan, Catherine, Paladin), The Age of Chivalry (Guinevere, Owain, the Countess of the Fountain, the lady married to the knight Geriant beat).

Your job will be too write your own creative story (made up) from the person’s point of view that you choose. Try to answer these questions as you write your story.

~Is the character reliable, can they be trusted?
~What motives might they have?
~How do they feel about what is happening?
~Why should we or shouldn’t we see and feel things the same way?
~How have events influenced the character’s actions?

SS: Government, Citizenship, History, geography and Bible & Service: readings, hymn: Mood with visual expression (diagrams, blow-outs, maps, graphic organizers, chart, poster, pamphlet)

This term you’ve read Ourselves, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, and The Pursuit of God. Contemplate how these readings have influenced you. Which one stands out to you the most?

Choose a visual to organize your thoughts about what you’ve learned about God through these readings.

Science: experiments, nature study: Action (Drama, Movement, Change) with movement
(play, puppet show, music, dance, video (still, animated, silent, movie)

This term you’ve studied chemistry. It is very much about change. But chemists aren’t the only ones that study change. Spiders, cardinals, rocks, weeds, and even the herb fairy garden have changes. Create a play, puppet show, music, dance, or video that shows how one of these things is involved in change.

What happens to change the thing?
What changes take place?
Do the changes take place over time or is it sudden?
What are/were the consequences of the change?

Art: artist, technique and SS: Government, Citizenship, History, geography: Characterization with analytical expression (game, puzzle, crossword, word search, code) 

We have studied a lot of interesting people this term. Interesting people that have been involved in some very interesting times and events. Interesting times and events that caused the people to make choices and act certain ways. This is called cause and effect.  

Choose someone from this list that you could teach someone about with a game, puzzle, crossword, word search, or code. Your artist (Jacque Louis David), King Stephen, Henry II, Thomas A Becket, Richard Coeur de Lion, Edward I, Joan of Arc, William Wallace, and Robert Bruce.

Use these questions to help you come up with some ideas for your project:  What do they think? How do they feel? How do they react or act in certain situations or with other characters? How do they influence the people around them? Can you explain their relationships? What were the consequences of their actions? What is unique about the individual?

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