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Year 1, Term 2 Exam: Homeschool Exams and Tests for First Grade

Wondering how to do exams with your homeschooler?

Here are copies of our exams: Example Exams and Daily Schedule
How we create our exam questions: Creating Exam Questions

Year 1, Term 2 Exam

Bible & Service: readings, hymn: Mood with creative expression
(handicraft, recycled material project, diorama, cooking, land art, or art media: collage, paint, mold, chalk, pencil)

Jesus’ life was full of miracles and exciting events. Create a project that shows something Jesus did and what happened with the people that were there. Choose from any of the creative ideas.

Music: composer, folk song, hymn, instrument & Art: artist, technique: Action (Drama, Movement, Change) with movement (play, puppet show, music, dance, video (still, animated, silent, movie)

Create your own play, puppet show, music, or dance to show the relationship between the music or the art that we’ve studied and how it makes you feel. We’ve studied medieval music, Giotto, and Windy Old Weather.

Science: experiments, nature study: View point with oral expression

(presentation: Defend, Persuade, judge, compare/contrast, inform, narration)

Nature study allows us to look at things in nature closely that we may otherwise miss. We’ve been studying the pond, your tree, insects, and birds this term. Choose one of those things and describe for me what you have noticed about it.

Literature, poetry, and additional reading: The Greater Meaning with written expression
(narration, proposal, biography, persuade, problem/solution, instructions, list, poetry, composition)

Pick one of the stories we have read this term and write about what conclusions we can draw from it or what we can learn from it. Choose from Shakespeare: As you Like it and The Winter’s Tale, Prince Hyacinth, Aesop’s Fables, Just So Stories, about the naughty wind and how he tricked the flowers in Training and Restraining, or the crickets in Waiting.

SS: Government, Citizenship, History, Geography: Background with visual expression
(diagrams, blow-outs, maps, graphic organizers, chart, poster, pamphlet)

Paddle has had many adventures on his way to the sea. Think about the places where Paddle has traveled. What was a day for him? Create a map that shows some of what Paddle has done and where he has gone. 

SS: Government, Citizenship, History, Geography: Characterization with analytical expression (game, puzzle, crossword, word search, code) 

Create a game or puzzle to tell about what is unique about someone you’ve learned about this term. Consider George Washington, Athenius, Ambrose, Augustine, Bruce of Scots, Black Douglas, Whittington, King Arthur, and Alfred.

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