Monday, November 30, 2015

Cloth Art Projects: Under the Sea and Hippos, Owls, Elsa, and Mermaids

Every month we choose a new type of media for an art project. This is the first year we've attempted using cloth. It just never came to me before. 

The first project we worked on were these under the sea pictures. We had some material with nautical pictures. So our first task was to cut them out. With some craft glue, blue paper, sand, sequence and shells we created our pictures...
ocean art project

ocean art

Wheel (Okay this one is not with material, but he was so cute when he was working on it.)

ocean art

For the next project, everyone got to choose their own topic and their own ideas. We drew a picture and then filled it in with material to create a collage.

cloth art
Li made a hippo

Momma made an owl

Ceesa made a mermaid princess and king

Jo-Jo made Elsa from Frozen

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