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Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game & Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone {USAopoly Review}

USAopoly sent us Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone. We took ours on our autumn camping trip. Poppa had a business trip and we kept busy during the day. When he got home in the evenings, after dinner, we pulled out our games. We had lots of fun playing them. They were perfect and a great surprise for the kids.

Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game
Wonky is a stacking game. To play, you draw cards. The cards tell you what color and size blocks to stack. Some of the cards are very specific to color and size. Some of them let you stack any size of one color. Others let you stack any color of one size. And still others let you stack any color of any size.

A few of the cards let you draw an additional card, change the direction of play, or skip a person. 

The challenge is that all of the blocks are oddly shaped, so you have to find the perfect way for them to fit together. There are 3 of each of the 3 colors: purple, green, and blue. Three sides are flat and threes sides are curved.

You have 10 seconds for your blocks to stand. If they fall in that time, then you are out. And the other players continue.

Play continues until everyone but the last player is out.

Poppa says, "It is nice because everyone in the family can play together, all different ages."

Ceesa says, "I like putting the right blocks up so that it slopes down. Then when the next person goes the entire thing falls down."

Jo-Jo says, "Sometimes you get a card that is hard to play, like a big block on a little block. It is fun to compete with everyone else and try to stack carefully."

Baby Wheel liked to use the blocks to build on his own and would sit on his sisters lap building and building.

Tapple: Fast Word Fun for Everyone
Tapple is a word game. You get a topic from a group of cards and then try to think of a word that starts with one of the letters on the Tapple wheel. You are timed and each time that you guess a word you have to beat the timer. Once you say your word and push down the letter, you must push the red button to start the timer for the next person.

Each card has a front and back with different subjects that have a range of difficulty levels. The cards are stored in the bottom of the wheel for easy storage and access.

Poppa says, "It is the alphabet game for old people, so they don't have to remember what letters they've used."

Ceesa says, "I like coming up with words and seeing if I can push the letter down in time."

Jo-Jo says, "It was hard for me because I can't spell all of the words, but it was fun to watch everyone else try to win."

Li and Poppa would play Tapple together by being on a team and trying to think of words that went along with each subject. They wouldn't use the timer, but they would keep working until they either used all of the letters or could not think of any more words.

We'd recommend these games for those of you that like to play whole family games.

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