Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Foldout Booklet

These foldout booklets (from Family Fun November 2011) are easily made with construction paper, but using scrapbooking paper and lots of pictures would make for a nice summer memories scrapbook.

Take 5 squares 6 inches each.
Fold in half.

Open and fold in half the other direction.

Open, flip over, and fold diagonally.

Open and fold in on itself.
Unfold it. Repeat with all of them. Then set two squares side beside with the diagonal fold you made running vertically. One of them should have a mountain fold up and the other a valley fold up. Glue the two squares pointing at each other together with a glue stick.
Repeat with all of the squares.

 Fold together.
 And add a ribbon.
Then write inside.

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