Monday, March 30, 2015

Missions Box Monday: Starting a Prayer Journal

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Up first on Missions Box Monday are Prayer Journals! 

******SPOILER ALERT! If you our a member of our church family, don't read this post! :) ********

We gave each of the kids a prayer journal. Here are some great ones from Family Christian to get you started...

We provided the kids with these directions:

  • Choose someone (a member of our church family or another) that you would like to prayer for everyday.
  • Ask people what you can pray about for them.
  • Write down prayer requests at church.
  • Ask the Lord who to pray for and how to pray for them.
  • Choose someone to lift up for a month: make encouraging notes for them, give some extra hugs, and leave secret gifts for them. 
Ceesa and Jo-Jo have really been enjoying this idea from our Missions Box.

They have left special gifts like this letter and Amazing Woman Cross.

They baked Sugar-Free Cookies for a Diabetic Secret Prayer Friend.

They've put together a gift collection for a family that they hoped to bless. They included a truck, Someone Cares Devotional Booklet, coloring books, cross crafts, stickers, and an Electric Motor Kit.

And in the works right now are special hand made crafts...

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