Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fairies and Their Gardens...oh and Fairy Crowns and Fairy Tu-Tu Skirts too!

The girls were invited to a fairy garden party.

They have grown out of all of their fairy costumes, so I thought I would try my hand at making some myself. 

We salvaged old wings by adding elastic to them in a loop that slips over their arms.

Fairy Crowns

21" flower garland
2 24" ribbons in differnt colors
feather butterflies
twist tie
floral tape

1) Start by making a loop that will fit comfortably on the fairy's head.

2) Twist it at the place where they intersect.

3) Secure the spot with a twist tie.

4) Cover the tie with floral tape.

5) Next, attach your ribbon.

6) Start by trimming the edges of the ribbon neatly.

7)  Then working close to the floral tape, make a loop in the middle of your ribbon. Pull the ends of the ribbon around the garland and through the loop.

8) Add your feather butterflies. Twist the metal wire to various spots on your garland.

And finished.

We made 3 one for the birthday girl too.

To secure them, for party wearing we used butterfly barretts.

Fairy Tu-Tu Skirt
4 yards of tulle 
3/4" ribbon the length of fairy's waist plus 12"

1) Using a pencil make a faint line where the ribbon meets at the back of your fairy's waist. The tie the ribbon to two chairs. Use your pencil marks as a guide so that you know where to start tieing and where to end. 
2) Cut the tulle into strips about 3"X 24" (or the width of the tulle) 

3) Tie the strips onto the ribbon by folding the tulle strip in half. Make a loop and pull the ends of the tulle around the ribbon and through the loop.

4) If using different colors, you will want to alternate them in a pattern.

5) Untie it from your chairs and tie it to your fairy making a bow in the back with the ribbon that doesn't have tulle tied to it.

My fairies were awefully pleased with their skirts.

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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verdemama said...

Nice job on the dress-ups. My girls would love those :)

Bethany said...

They were fun to make. And the girls think they are super neat... :)

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