Monday, July 14, 2014

The Warther's (Master Carver) Museum

For Jo-Jo's birthday trip this year, she picked a museum that contained collections of carvings by a master carver, Ernest "Mooney" Warther. We had to drive a bit to get there, but it was definitely worth the trip!

His workshop has been preserved with his displays of arrowheads, most of which were collected by his family members from around their home. 

He began carving these pliars out of one piece of wood.

Born from one block of wood...

a plyer tree was born.

Then his hobby grew. He made a replica of the factory where he worked with working gears to move the factory.

He even came up with things to make his job easier...
(chain for his apron and steel toes on boots)





Doll sets

And trains!!!
One of his first, he felt was not good enough to be displayed.


The museum even contained a shell from Vicksburg, a meteor from India, and an arrowhead collection from around the world.

He even created his own knives (We received a set from my grandmother for a wedding gift 15 years ago, that we had sharpened while we were there.) and it remains a family business.

These pieces are simply priceless. And Warther was a very remarkable man.

Ceesa asked when she could have a carving knife on the way home. :)

Oh and that is not all, there is the family home on the grounds, 

...and a button house, a children's garden and Swiss gardens. But those will come in another post! :)

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