Thursday, July 24, 2014

Joyful Moments: A Big Joyful Moment

Joyful Moments

at Little Homeschool Blessings

This week we've found joy here in an unexpected, untimed, unplanned place...

That's Ceesa and her Poppa. 

When the Lord speaks to your child, 
it is nothing less than miraculous and joyous, 
amazing joy, 
unabashed tearful, no limit joy.

When she looks into your eyes, with tears streaming down her face, saying,
"Momma, He's calling me to come to Him. He's telling me its time. I have to go to the cross," well friends, you nod and follow her.

When your child chooses to follow Him, it is humbling, and breathtaking, and the most amazing gift that He has bestowed in my life. Her choice to love the Lord, to accept his great love and mercy, to take that first breath in new life, is the most amazing gift God could have given me.

We'd love to see your Joyful Moments.

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Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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