Monday, November 25, 2013

Lady Bug or Asian Lady Beetles

We've been studying the Lady Bug or Asian Lady Beetles.  The first week the kids went out on a hunt for the insect. They weren't hard to find. It was time for their annual swarm. The girls recorded some information about some they found.

The second week we sketched one that we captured for the purpose. And we followed that up by sketching an example with it's separate parts.

The third week, we took notes from the Handbook of Nature Study: 
  • There are over 5,000 species
  • It has no home
  • colors: yellow, red, orange, black
  • spends lots of time washing up
  • plays possum (although I've never actually seen that)
  • eats aphids and scale insects
  • lays eggs on leaves plants
  • larva hatches ans tart eating
  • larva hangs itself up by rear after shedding skeleton skin several times
  • when pupa emerges, goes to find a spot to hide for the winter to emerge in the spring

Finally, we recorded and drew the life cycle of the insect. I didn't even realize it had a life cycle!

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Phyllis said...

Your family's drawings are always so beautiful. A very nice, impressive nature study.

Bethany said...

Thanks Phyllis. We so like nature study!

MrsYub said...

Its so interesting. Not just the study, but the pictures of the study. Thankyou for sharing :)

Bethany said...

Thanks. We've found sketching in our notebooks really makes it more memorable.

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