Monday, October 14, 2013

Form Drawing Research

I do not think that it comes as much of a surprise that artistic expression and creativity are encouraged and abound around here. Above our dining room table, we have floating shelves that showcase the children's work and usually a famous artist or two.

I believe it is in our innate nature to seek out the beautiful (not only visually, but a thing of beauty can encompass all senses). Filling our eyes with a thing of beauty, fills us with peace, and helps us breathe a bit deeper.  Watching my children play together, explore a creek bubbling along the rocks, work as a team to make dinner, read a book as sunlight filter through the window onto their hair, simply beautiful. 

Recently I'm struck on the idea of the simplicity in recognizing that all things take on a form that is straight, curved, or a combination of both. This has brought me to Form Drawing. And wishing to think through my discoveries and thoughts, I've brought them here.

There are several components to Form Drawing...
  • the ribbon or running form which is a repeated pattern (like the Greek Key Pattern)
  • symmetry exercise (left and right, up and down, left and right and up and down-horizontal and vertical and as an X) the form is completed based on what is present
  • metamorphosis exercises where the original form is turned, subtracted from, or added to
  • self-contained forms which are the recognized shapes
  • seal designs from India and Greece

Working with these Ancient forms is said to make handwriting easier, as well as allow one to recognize these forms in nature~making the artistic process flow more simply and automatically. 

The art we share with you just might be taking a different form soon. :)

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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