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Memoria Press: Prima Latina Complete Set {A Review}

Memoria Press recently sent us Prima Latina ($90.90, Complete Set) to review. It is designed for Grades 1-4.

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The Complete Set
•Student Book-The workbook provides written materials and practice. You can check out the Table of Contents and Sample Lesson I to get an idea of what is included.
•Teacher Manual-The manual is designed as instruction tool for the teacher. It would be great for those comfortable teaching Latin. You could just use the manual. Though I, with a limited Latin background (okay...who are we Latin background), could not really teach from it. Those that want the answers to the workbook will also utilize the manual. There is a Sample Teacher Manual that you can check out.
•Pronunciation CD: The CD includes vocabulary, prayers, and songs. It is helpful for more practice and proper pronunciation throughout the week.
•Instructional DVDs: For those that want to learn with their children or want someone to teach your children because you have a limited Latin background these are key. There are 3 discs with 9 hours of lessons (15-20 minutes per lesson). They are taught by Leigh Lowe. It includes recitation & review, vocabulary practice, explanation of derivatives, on-screen notes, diagrams, & examples.
•Flashcards: The flashcards include vocabulary, English pronunciations, conjugations, and declensions.

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Covered in the Lessons
There are 25 lessons, including both Latin and grammar lessons. Five vocabulary words with corresponding English derivatives, one grammar lesson, one line of a prayer, and a Latin phrase are all provided per lesson. The exercises in each lesson provide constant review of materials and there is a test every 5 lessons.

Week's Use
I initially gave Ceesa some direction and then she worked independently through the lessons on her own.

Day 1:
Ceesa watched the lesson on the DVD.

Days 2-4:
She did the workbook pages and listened to the audio CD to practice new words and songs and do flash card practice.

What did you like
I have tried to use a program with just the audio CD and workbook and I have found for us, we really need the entire set to get the most out of the lessons. The DVD is especially vital for us!

What Ceesa liked
Ceesa says that she enjoys learning from the teacher (Leah Lowe) because she makes it fun. So that's 2 points for the DVD.

Quotes from Ceesa
Talking about how to do Mad Libs one day at lunch, Ceesa said, "I can use the noun and verb rules from Latin...I can ___________ is a verb and Is it a person? Is it a thing? Is it a place? Yes? It's a noun."

I would recommend using this with children that are beginning Latin and those wishing to draw a connection between English grammar and Latin.

Little Man likes watching, too!

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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