Monday, May 6, 2013

Free and Low Cost “Whole”istic Learning Opportunities: Arts

We believe in a “whole”istic approach to learning (which is generally free and low cost). So what does that mean to us for the arts? is like this...

~Volunteer for passion plays and at local theaters.
~Go to dress rehearsals.
~Do readings or shows for local preschools.
~Go to your local college for art displays, plays, puppet shows, and concerts-many are free.
~Thrift shops for used instruments.

~Make your own instruments including simple shakers with a plastic bottle and beans or complex carving of wooden instruments.
~Go for a walk and make land art.
~Take local quilting, woodworking, glass blowing, photography, or pottery classes.
~Find someone to teach you crochet, knitting, tating, sewing, embroidery, etc.

~Use garden flowers and/or wildflowers to practice flower arranging.
~Go to summer park dramas or concerts.
~Go on tours of studios of woodworkers, weavers, candle makers, potters, artists, glassblowers, photography, etc.
~Collect art postcards of local artists.
~Play I Spy in art museums.
~Borrow large books from the library of beautiful prints.
~Save glass jars, tin cans, food boxes, cardboard tubes, milk cartons, and other items for a new purpose: decorating, gifts, projects, etc.
~Old torn up books make excellent prints for a bedroom or bunting.

~Study composers and artist pieces online.
~Go to local arts festivals and watch demonstrations.
~Printmaking with materials found around the house (bubble wrap, outdoor nature, utensils, etc.)
~Hire local youth from schools, colleges, and churches for dance and music lessons.

What kind of "whole"istic learning have you enjoyed? Check out the rest of our Whole"-istic Learning Series!

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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