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Supercharged Science: e-Science {A Review}

We've been reviewing e-Science from Supercharged Science.

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It's a science program designed for K-12th grade ($57 monthly or K-8th is $37 monthly) with self-guiding lessons that kids can do on their own. Each lesson is taught in a detailed video with instructions for completing the experiment and why it works. There are parent guides, textbook readings, exercises, and quizzes. You can see the units available here.

From Unit Zero
What you need to complete the program
You need a computer with an internet connection, a printer for any materials you want a hard copy of, and materials for the experiments that you choose to use.

Working in their Scientific Notebooks

About the Creator
From an e-mail sent to introduce us to Aurora and the curriculum:
Aurora is creator of the curriculum...a real rocket scientist.  She worked for NASA, has designed rockets, has 3 patents for her inventions, holds a graduate degree in mechanical engineering, did PhD work at Stanford University, has taught on the faculty of Cal Poly University, taught K-12 science to well over 10,000 kids, is a licensed pilot, and currently serves as president of the California Central Coast Astronomical Society.  AND, she is a stay-at-home mom to 4 kids. 

I say: Aurora, herself, is supercharged!

Tips to Start

To begin, watch the welcome video under the getting started tab. Then choose 1 of the units that initially open. Every month new units open up.

From Magnets Unit
Things that are a must to try out
~the Unit Zero unit
~getting started section that tells you how to keep a scientific journal and a rock-solid scientific journal like scientists use in the field
~parent resources articles to help you teach science
~when I was randomly clicking on recent comments, I found an amazing video about water droplets

From Unit Zero
Format we used
We do most of our science and experiments as a family. Each of my children have individual interests and work to do, but we get together to learn as much as we can.

So although kids could watch a video and then repeat it themselves, I would look over the science video first for our family.

Then I would ask the kids a question, give them the materials, and have them experiment.

We'd document in our scientific notebooks.

Then I'd ask...What do you want to try out? Letting them come up with their own experiments.

Then they'd watch the video or sometimes not.

From Magnets Unit
Quotes from the Kids
We were discussing magnetic fields and why magnets don't attract until you move in a certain distance. "Mommy I wish we had a magnetic field~~HA!HA!~~Get it...A field that grew magnets." ~Jo-Jo this started in Unit Zero...and turned into just plain bubbles.

What I'd Love Added to Each Lesson
I would love to see a question prompt for the beginning of every experiment and written procedures. I like the element of surprise in experiments for the kids and would love for them to get to jump in with both feet before seeing it done by someone else first.

Ceesa's first page to her Scientific Notebook

My Favorite Part: What we Learned
Learning to think like a scientist has been my favorite part. All of us began keeping a science notebook and recording our experiments and ideas. We were able to make up our own experiments and record our results. That is a wonderful transition from just working on the one experiment "in the book."

My Scientific Notebook
  • If you are looking for something that aligns with what you are already doing, Aurora has taken many science curriculums and shows where Supercharged Science lines up with those curriculums so that you can do both at once.
  • Aurora provides a master list of what would be necessary in teaching a lesson.
  • With each experiment there is a place to ask questions and get the answers. 
  • E-mails come in to show new experiments or ideas to get you motivated and supported.
  • You can even call in on Wednesday's and talk to Aurora.
  • There is a summer camp session.
  • You can take a live class.
  • There is a science fair suggestion area.

    From Unit Zero
Wishing you homeschool blessings,

Superchared Science is offering a complete mini-program with a sample of science activities and projects taken from the e-Science program.  Want to try some of the activities for free? I'd highly recommend it.  The Science Activity Manual and Video Collection.

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