Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Just Right Book

The best way to determine if a book is just right for your child is to listen to him/her read.

First, listen to a selection of text up to 100 words (if there are not that many words in the selection, that is fine). Keep track of the number of errors your child makes.  
  • If your child reads from 95% to 100% of the words correct, the book is perfect for reading independently.
  • If 90%-94% of the words are read correctly, the book is good for them to read with you helping.
  • If your child reads 89% of the words correct or below, it is too hard. You should either read it to him/her or put it up for later.
Each child is different and he/she will be most successful, if the opportunity is given for him/her to work at the place that is best for him/her.

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