Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Edible Weeds in Our Yard

We've started studying the weeds in our very own backyard that are edible. Here's what we've discovered! (Oh and don't take our word for it, make sure to have a positive identification of any weed or plant before eating them or using them for medicinal purposes!)

This one is brand new to me. I must have seen and passed this little guy a hundred times without realizing I had been near it or what it was. This plant is chickweed. 

We've been eating the leaves from time to time, but mostly we've used chickweed to heal Ceesa's extremely dry, peeling fingers by mashing the leaves with a little water.

Dandelion is next up. Did you know that dandelion flowers have a look-alike called cat's ear. We can't wait to try out dandelions in lemonade, wilted greens, cookies, and in salads.

Plantain or white man's foot (brought over by Europeans and found everywhere they stepped) is a weed we've used infused in oil and applied to diaper rash. We've also used it mashed into a poultice for bee stings.

Wild Violets are another edible. Both the flower and the leaves. (DO NOT MISTAKE WITH THE AFRICAN VIOLET!)

We are looking forward to making candied violet flowers and trying the leaves in salad.

What recipes have you used with these wild edibles?

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