Monday, March 2, 2015

What is the Bible? A Lesson for Life

I had been having a worship time. Some people have daily devotions, I like to have worship times, times when I sit with my Bible open. I pray, I sing, I read, I listen, I write. It is time for me to just be in the presence of the almighty, my savior, my friend.

One such morning, I was sitting on the sofa. The kids were up and it was time to head to the kitchen to make breakfast. Baby Wheel pulled himself up to this feet and waddled over to the couch where my Bible was laying. He pulled it down with a thud to the floor. Ceesa came over to him to pick it up. She said, "Wheel, be careful with that book. It's the Bible. It is a big important book of rules."

I froze. "Ceesa? Did you just say the Bible was a book of rules?" She replied that she had, replaced my Bible, and then swooped Wheel up off of his feet, gave him a peck, and headed on her way. 

I was shocked. Maybe horror struck was more like it. Oh, my. We had a bit of a disconnect, somewhere, I missed out on leading my sweet girl to what the Bible is, the life that it breathes. Right then and there I started making a list of all of the things that came to mind. 

That very night we began a discussion that has lasted for weeks. We decided to figure out just what the Bible is while sitting at the dinner table. It goes something like this. In the morning, "I say the Bible is a book of....(insert characteristic) prove it!" Then in the evening everyone (from Li all the way to Poppa) discusses how the Bible is that characteristic.

Does your family need to answer the question "What is the Bible?"

Here are some to get you started:
~The Bible is a book of love
~The Bible is a book of truth
~The Bible is a book of mercy
~The Bible is a book of forgiveness
~The Bible is a book of history
~The Bible is a book of guidance
~The Bible is a book of grace
~The Bible is a book of redemption
~The Bible is a book of beauty
~The Bible is a book of daring
~The Bible is a book of sacrifice
~The Bible is a book of companionship
~The Bible is a book of passion
~The Bible is a book of strength
~The Bible is a book of comfort
~The Bible is a book of joy
~The Bible is a book of peace

What have you found the Bible to be?

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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Leah Courtney said...

This is really good, Bethany. I think we sometimes take things like that for granted with our kids.

annette @ a net in time said...

neat post that was! :)

Bethany said...

Thanks Leah! I pray that they understand the love before the rules.

Bethany said...

Thanks Annette!

Anonymous said...

I have written in the front of my Bible about three times in all caps. "THESE ARE GOD'S WORDS." So, for me the Bible will always be the way that God speaks to me.

Bethany said...


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