Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Clued in Kids Treasure Hunt {A Review}

Clued in Kids sent us two printable treasure hunts, Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt ($5.99) recommended for ages 4-104 :) and Multiplication Dragons ($19.99 on sale now) recommended for ages 7-9. 

First Thoughts

Now let me start by saying, anything that we do, that I get a... "You're the best Mommy ever!" is a winner in my book. So I can say without a doubt Clued in Kids was a hit. And what kid doesn't like a good scavenger hunt? 

There are lots of options to choose from in printable and physical copies:
Party Play Date Hunts
Seasonal Hunts
Nutrition Hunts
Educational Hunts
Greeting Card Hunts

About the Treasure Hunts
The printable treasure hunts are super easy to print off and set up. Total prep time is 10-15 minutes. After they are printed, cut in half, label, and hide.

I printed ours in different ways: full color, black and white, as 2 to a page, and as 4 on a page. We found, of course, that the nicest version was as provided in full color with 2 on a page. 

The clues are perfect for families because there are different difficulty levels for each clue. Some of them involved complex answers (like solving multiple problems), others involved movement (fly around the room three times).There is a space where you can put names on the clues, so that everyone gets a clue that they can complete. 

Each set includes 12 clues leading to ordinary things in and around the house...hairbrush, freezer, pantry, desk, etc. A couple of things like the mail box and bikes could also be located in a garage or on the front porch. Our mail box is at the end of our long driveway so I made some modifications for it and the bikes (our bikes are in a shed), since I wanted it to be confined to the indoors.

Some things that make these hunts super simple are:
~everything is done for you...no creating riddles yourself
~directions are provided at the beginning of every hunt
~where to hide the clue is written at the bottom of the clue itself
~an answer key is provided, so if the kids get stumped you can guide them to where the next clue is hidden

Multiplication Dragon Treasure Hunts  
Dragons giving math challenges? How fun! This set includes 5 separate hunts. One hunt is provided for each of the math times tables 2-6. Pattern activities, story problems, riddles, decoding messages, dares, crosswords (with the written number words), multiplication problems, mazes, reverse mirror images, hidden pictures, and more are provided.

Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt
The Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt uses the theme for the clues including: hidden picture, crossword, fill in the blank, dare, riddle, and jokes. In addition there are math keys, a word scramble, mirror image, and hidden word clues.

Our prizes included coins, candies, a movie, making cookies, doing a craft, and playing a game. You could come up with nearly endless possibilities for your kids.

Although we provided our own prizes, Clued in Kids has a treasure chest filled with treasure that you can purchase as well.

What the Kids have to Say
Li says, "I like finding the treasures and looking for the clues."

Ceesa says, "I liked how we could all do things at our age level, spending time with my family, and getting the prizes."

Jo-Jo says, "Awesome! I liked how the clues were hidden in weird places...like in the bath tub and with socks. I liked the prizes because they were fun, especially the candy, money, and brownies. We'd be so excited to see who was getting the next clue."

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