Saturday, November 30, 2013

Animal Study: Cuttlefish

We just finished studying the cuttlefish. I didn't even realize there was such an animal. It is very interesting to say the least! 

Down in the ocean, at the bottom of the sea, lives an animal that lives a floaty life, an animal that is all head. Everything that it needs is there in its head...There is no separate body, no trunk, just this great head with three hearts, green blood, eyes to see, and a brain to think.
~Adapted from Mama-Aya at lower case learning, a great resource for a Man and Animal block.

(courtesy of wikipedia)

Our favorite online article on the cuttlefish is from Answers in Genesis

(courtesy of wikipedia)

Ceesa worked on a drawing of the cuttlefish and a short narration from our readings on the cuttlefish.


"The cuttlefish has three hearts. If one stops, then the cuttlefish dies. He needs his hearts, just like we need out hearts. The cuttlefish is well known for the colors they flash: yellow, red-orange, and blue-green. During mating season and when they are excited they flash. The cuttle bone is put in the bottom of birdcages to make the birds beak stronger."  by Ceesa

(courtesy of wikipedia)

(courtesy of wikipedia)

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