Monday, September 9, 2013

Caring for your family=helping around the house: 11 age guidelines and 5 tips

Homeschooling provides us with lots of opportunities to work together on household tasks. Of course, when you are home as often as we are there are bound to be lots of things to take care of that there wouldn't be if we weren't here. But we are and there are...

One of the things that I have found important is loving your family means helping to take care of them. Working on things around the house provides us with lots of opportunities to care for one another.

Trying to decide who can help with what around the house? 

Here are some of our guidelines:
2-3 year olds: pick up toys and gather supplies
3-4 year olds: take things to the table, assist with the preparation, fold small items, and dust
4-5 year olds: fold towels, put away clothes, and make bed
5-6 year olds: feed pets, empty dryer, dust, and clean windows
6-7 year olds: sweep floor, clean table, and help with meals
7-8 year olds: vacuum, wash dishes, load dishwasher, and help siblings
8-9 year olds: clean bedroom,  and cook
9-10 year olds: fold laundry, and walk dog
10-11 year olds: weed, wash and dry clothes, and spring cleaning jobs
11-12 year olds: take on tasks of entire rooms
12 years old and up: extensively cook, babysit, and tutor 

5 Tips to make cleaning fun:

  • clean to music-professional or your own silly songs
  • have races
  • tell jokes
  • listen to a favorite book on tape
  • plan something special for when you are finished (like a tea)

Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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MrsYub said...

I have always had my guys help around the house. With tidying up the lounge room, or their bedrooms, or both! Setting the table for eating, and clearing it off afterwards... Making their beds, putting their clean clothes away... occasionally they will help me with the gardening... its all good stuff :)

Bethany said...

I never learned how to care for a household and have has a lot to learn, so I decided the stuff of life is just a important as academics.

MrsYub said...

I was blessed with a mother who was slightly tyrannical with her house work, lol! And my Dad is the academical one, so I and my 5 sisters and five brothers got it coming AND going! Oh boy.

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