Tuesday, September 24, 2013

10 Best Beloved Classics for Boys ages 3-6 (Girls like them too!)

Here are our picks for the top 10 best beloved classics for boys ages 3-6.

1) The Tale of Peter Rabbit (series) by Potter

Potter’s timeless stories about mischievous Peter Rabbit and many of his animal friends. Peter Rabbit kicks off the series by getting into the farmers garden even when he is told to stay away. He loses his overcoat and ends up feeling very sick indeed.

2) Winnie-the-Pooh (series) by Milne


Stories told by Milne to his son and preserved for everyone. These are the original stories about Christopher Robin and his stuffed animals. Starring Winnie-the-Pooh.

3) Little Pear (series) by Lattimore


A little boy has adventures in China with his family and friends. He is sweet and there is so much to learn about China...customs, foods, transportation, clothes, holidays, and more.

4) Billy and Blaze (series) by Anderson

Blaze is Billy’s horse. They have a wonderful time together with suspense to keep young ones interested and excited. What could be more wonderful than a boy with his horse.

5) Alfie (series) by Hughes


A boy growing up in England goes about everyday with his family. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and Alfie is an enduring boy from a sweet family.

6) The Biggest Bear by Ward

All of the farmers have killed bears that have been bothering their animals. All except Johnny’s family. So he sets out to kill a bear for himself, but when he happens upon a cub, he brings it home. It soon grows to be the biggest bear of all and can’t be kept, but returning the bear isn’t likely to be easy.

7) The Story about Ping by Flack

A little duck has some adventure with his family and when he decides to runaway verses facing his punishment, he wishes by morning to have been on the boat with his family.

8) Snowy Day (and others) by Keats

All of the joys of a terrific school day are wrapped up in this story. Trailing sticks in the snow, whacking trees with sticks, making snowballs, and snow angels. Pure joy.

9) Make Way for Ducklings by McCloskey

The ducks are looking for the perfect place to nest. They finally find it and when it is time to go out and about they need a little help from a police officer to cross the road.

10) Peter in Blueberry Land by Beskow


Peter is off to get a special surprise for his Momma: blue and red berries. When he happens upon the king of blueberry land, he is in for an exciting day.

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DeliveringGrace said...

You have listed many of our favourites, here. Beatrix Potter has such wonderful vocabulary and Alfie is such fun for acting out.
We need to look out for the books in your list that we don't know.

Bethany said...

Some of them are pretty old, but they are great!

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