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Christianity Cove: 100 Simple Service Projects {A Review}

I have a child that is very compassionate. As a two month old baby, she showed me just how caring she is naturally. We were at a ball game (Poppa was playing). Another baby, just a week older than her, was hungry and her Momma had left her with her aunt to go get some warm water to feed her. Seeing the baby's distress, Ceesa looked at her, looked at me (Her eyes saying, "Momma help her!"), looked at her, and back at me. Then burst into tears herself.

I should have known then how caring that child would be, but really nothing could have prepared me. It is a gift of hers and she is always looking for ways to help people, to share the great love that Christ has shown for her. So I am always trying to find ways to inspire her and support her. So when Christianity Cove offered us an opportunity to review 100 Simple Service Projects (for a limited time it is available for $19.95, regularly $29.95), I was really excited.

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What's included

It comes as a downloaded e-book designed for a leader with a focus on a group of children (we'd recommend ages 5-18) in a ministry setting. The book is broken into sections with focuses on: service to family (coupons, chores, help-a-sibling, and grandparents), neighborhood outreach (chores, special event, beautification project), community service (elderly, children, animals, environment, wildlife, community shelters), charity work in America and overseas (provides listing for real, responsible charities) and a service of the child's design.

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How I used it
I read through the entire book making note of the things that were of particular interest to me as I thought they would inspire Ceesa and delight her compassionate heart. We will be using this over the summer to get going with some new service projects.

What I liked
I liked the suggestions for collecting donations of teddy bears for children in abuse shelters, care packages of comb, toothbrush, toothpaste band-aids, soap, shampoo, wash cloth, and scriptures for homeless, winter hats, gloves, and coats for homeless shelters, woman's accessory campaign for those in rehabilitation programs, book drives for children in shelters, and art supplies (crayons, paper, paints, markers, coloring books, paint brushes, and chalk) for child services departments. We definitely want to start working with elderly and shut-ins to help with tasks around the house and bringing food and serving meals.

Favorite quote from the author
"...the thing they really need to find is the will of God for their lives." This is so true. We all have spiritual gifts as well as physical talents. The pairing of these is where the will of God lies, although I've known him to remove us from our comfort zone too!

Who would want this e-book
This would be a terrific resource for anyone that really wants to find out some terrific ideas for serving those in need.

Our Ideas
If you've come looking for more ideas, here are some of the things we've done in the passed or our currently involved in...

  • Operation Christmas Child
  • World Vision gifts
  • provide toys for kids in needy families
  • provide backpacks for kids in a homeless shelter
  • food drives
  • raise money for women's pregnancy centers by working on publicity
  • be a gopher for other adult ministries (our church is starting a wheel chair repair program that the kids are able to assist with)
  • making tie-blankets to send out west to reservations
  • work in community plays (passion, nativity)
  • crochet blankets for newborns
Wishing you homeschool blessings,

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