Saturday, May 18, 2013

End of Year Assessments and Narratives

What should you take to your year end homeschool evaluation? I'm a licensed teacher for our state, so for the last six years I've completed many, many evaluations for homeschoolers. In my state, the child only has to make improvement according to his ablities, not be perfect. As a homeschool parent, I see that distinction very clearly.

You can help out the person doing your evaluation by a little advanced preparation.

Bring a portfolio for the year with samples of your child's work. Not just the best assessment type of work. Bring samples of what your child has really spent his time doing. Pictures are great for things that aren't documented any other way.

I ask the folks that I do evaluations for to spend a little time filling out these questions. It helps me tremendously and saves time. The subject titles are those required of us to teach in a year.

Your Child’s Name:


Language Arts
What did your child read, if applicable?

What pieces were read to your child (that wouldn’t be considered social studies or science content)? Include poetry.
What kinds of spelling/vocabulary/word learning did your child participate in?
What pieces did your child dictate or write?

What concepts did your child cover in mathematics? (For example: fractions, geometry, skip counting)

Social Studies & History
Did your child have any social studies/history field trips?

What topics were covered?
What literature did your child use in this area?
Were there any particular social studies skills were acquired? (Example: Mapping, family responsibility)

Did your child have any science field trips?

What topics were covered?
What literature did your child use in this area?
Did your child participate in any experiments? What were they?

Art/Music/Physical Education
What types of art projects did your child participate in?

Did your child study an art time period, an artist, art pieces, or a style?
Did your child go to an art show?
What types of music did your child participate in? Vocal or instrumental?
Did your child attend any concerts?
Did your child learn any particular pieces?
How does your child like to exercise?
Did your child participate in a physical education program or a class?
What types of exercise play does your child enjoy?

First aid, Safety, and Fire Prevention
How did your child meet this requirement? (For example: Field trips-fire department)

Have a great year end evaluation!

Wishing you homeschool blessings,



Phyllis said...

I LOVE this. Thank you for posting this list.

Bethany said...

I put a lot of work into giving folks really thoughtful narratives, so this prep work helps me tremendously!

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